Getting married? Here are some tips for your first wedding night

Aleena Apr 10 2018 at 11:51 AM

Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

  • First things first, pay attention to your surrounding. Although it might seem extremely trivial amidst the loud preparations of your wedding. You have no idea how big of a impact it makes to your first night.

Lot of people underestimate the concept of a “romantic set-up”. Considering how much our environment affects our mood, you just cannot neglect the environment you create on your first wedding night.

We would suggest make preparations for a sensuous-smelling room to get things going on , on your first wedding night. Here are our top tips on how you can “sex up” your bedroom for your first steamy night.

Do not go for bright lacy curtains getting attracted to the prettiness. Instead invest in dark colored black or brown shades that will help block light and sound to offer you and your partner much needed private time.

Keep both of your phones on total silence.

Invest in a premium quality soothing aromatic candle. Like this one from the Japanese erotic mogul Shunga, carries exotic aroma sparkling strawberries, intoxicating chocolate and fresh rose petals. Just light up this 2-in-1 ambiance and massage candle for about 20 minutes. During this time, you will fall in love with the sensuous magic spreading in the background while you get acquainted with the new person in your life. Or with their body *wink*

First wedding night

The second part of this tip now comes into play. Once the candle has showered sexy effects, it reduces downs to an extremely soothing massage oil to apply on your partner’s body and just get lost in the bonding moment between you two. It will relieve all the wedding stress from your mind and body. Great bonding activity plus relaxed body, what more could a newly-wed couple ask for?

  • Express your desire. Don’t be a prude!

You have been waiting for this day ever since you hit puberty and for honestly naughty reasons. So even though you wanna go slowly, you wanna keep your naughty intentions intact. Keep a positive, cheerful mood and overall flirty attitude that depicts what is on your mind.

What you wear have a lot of impact on your mind. And when your mind is turned on, you know what happens next. So put on a sultry yet comfortable piece of garment. Don’t go overboard with revealing your body because this is where you wanna focus on comfort with your new partner.

wedding night lingerie

Slip into this sultry sleepwear that is too racy on the inside and is too comfortable on the outside. You can have candid, fun talks with the satin robe on and have dirty talks with the babydoll on. Either way it works perfect for your first wedding night!

  • We cannot stress on the importance of foreplay enough.

Foreplay doesn’t have to be subtle lovemaking or even deep passionate make out. Foreplay on first night can be anything ranging from cuddles and naughty games to kisses and flirty talks. Just indulge in them loads and loads. It’s not only gonna help the actual sex but will increase bonding multi-fold.

  • Caressing each other’s body with your clothes on while kissing would be a great start to get the naughtiness flowing through the night.
  • To reduce the pain during intercourse, try fingering a little bit before penetration and use a good quality lubricant.
  • Gel for sex
  • Sex lubricant is an absolute necessity for first night wedding sex. Because the wetter the area is, the more smoother and enjoyable sex becomes. Stress of the wedding, anxiousness of the first night and tiredness from the rituals will cause a lot of problems in getting properly aroused. This will lead to friction during sex and you may not enjoy your first sex as much as you should.
  • Do not forget to use protection. Not only you will be safe from pregnancy but condoms also heighten your intimacy levels.
  • With lubricant smeared all over penis and vagina, take slow smooth strokes inside without thrusting too much or too hard.
  • For couples, who don’t want to go through the pain of sex on their first wedding night together, can rely on naughty games, massage oils and other foreplay ideas. This will help spend some quality time together.

Always remember, first night is not only about sex. It’s about love, passion and a whole lot of happiness. So just lose yourself and relish in the happiness of starting a new life together without worrying about your sex life. That’s what ThatsPersonal is there for, improving your sex life one step at a time.

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