Hindi Diwas just got a naughty twist-7 naughty toys in Hindi

Aleena Sep 19 2018 at 10:43 AM

We are so taken up by the fanciful world of English language, we forget the language that’s deep in our roots.

On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, we take our precious toys to revisit our precious language-Hindi. You think you talk in Hindi everyday so you know a LOT of Hindi, do you? Think again. Because we bet you won’t be able to guess what each of these naughty products are called in Hindi.

Let’s get started-

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1. Men’s favorite-Penis ring Penis ring for men is word around their penis for a bigger, stronger erection. Hindi just took it way too literally haha!

Listen up girls, now that’s the proposal ring he would really want to have.

Hindi Blog Penis ring

2. Fifty Shades of Grey Feels-Blindfold

Blindfolds are used to tie over your partner’s eyes while you do naughty things to them. Well, Hindi took the translation too literally again!

Hindi Blog_Blindfold

3. Fifty Shades of Grey Feels Again- The handcuffs

Naughty handcuffs are for all those naughty fantasies we were scared to perform. Handcuffs are used to tie your partner’s hands so that you can tease them in a sexy way and they can’t do anything.

Hindi Blog_Handcuffs


4. Naughty Adult Games

Just read that Hindi translation once for me. It’s just so funny isn’t it?

Adult games are a great way to spice up the boring bedroom routine between couples and engage in some interesting in fun activity which also leads to naughty things.

So are you ready to play the Atrang khel with your partner tonight?

Hindi Blog_Adult games


5. Penis enlargement pump for men

Penis pumps are used to treat that one thing all men are equally concerned about. Penis size.   Quite useful you see?



Hindi Blog_Penis pump


6. Vibrators

Vibrators are the best-selling product on our home-site. Reason? They are AWESOME!

Need any other reason?

This explosive kampan yantra is meant for woman’s sensitive area for satisfy their erotic desires. Have you toyed with your kampan yantra yet?

Hindi blog_Vibrators


7. Condoms

Everyone knows condom in India but few of them know what’s it called in shudh Hindi. Here you go, now you know it !

Hindi blog_Condom pixlr


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