Hottest things you need to put on your bucket list today!

Aleena Apr 19 2018 at 7:54 AM

All of us surely have a bucket lists of things like skydiving, paragliding and the likes. All the things mentioned in there either give you a great rush of adrenaline or just make you fall in love with life and its moments. It’s all cliche and almost the same in all our bucket lists. brings in a sexy twist to the classic list to make your bucket list stand far apart. Tick off the ones you have already indulged into and save the ones you haven’t. But be sure to set up your own sexual bucket list.

Role-play your partner’s favorite fantasy

Choose theirs, Always choose theirs.

Have sleepy sex

Believe or not, it one of men’s top fantasies. And why not? Someone interrupting your sleep and taking you then and there has got to be steaming hot!

Sexual ideas, ideas for sex, sex bucket list

Use a sex toy on yourself

Come on, you got to. At Least once.

Put rules

At least one sex of your life should be bound by rules. Strictly keep the lights on or make a rule of no bed-sheets on both of you. Possibilities are endless with this one.

Have phone sex

Poof! A no-brainer. And we are not talking about texting here.Get into the essence of turn on with the voice and learn to play with words in order to heat things up on call. Get all the basic of dirty talking right. And learn to explore your body. Both of which will help you in your further sexual encounters with partners.

Use a sex toy on someone else

Different kind of pleasure, Guaranteed.

Sexual ideas, ideas for sex, sex bucket list
This one doesn’t have to be sexual per se. You can do a lot of other things as well and of course have a lot of passionate moments, cuddling, teasing, oral pleasure and sex.

Get things dirty in public

At least once in your life have the guts to pull of something even remotely naughty in a public place or when you are surrounded by people. You don’t have to necessarily go for a full blowjob or hand job which in any case is not possible in India. Just sexually groping and giving that naughty wink sounds great! But make sure it’s done in presence of a good amount of public.

Get tied up

You cannot go on smoothly with your spicy sex life without having tried some form of BDSM activity. You are eating your partner out or indulging in some upper body foreplay, take our word and at least once in your lives get them tied up when you are performing it.

 Let us know down below what’s there in your sexual bucket list.




    1. Make out with two girls…. the fantasy is to invite another female as we are a married couple. It has two ways… Once to start with my partner and let the other female get visually sexcited and things will take the next course. The next try is to have foreplay with our guest lady and let my partner enjoy the show till she can take it and then join to have the raunchiest threesome ever…

    2. Hot threesome with another studd: This is for the pure pleasure of my partner to reach the highest excitement and have the longest encounter…. Rest I leave to the imagination of the readers…

    3. Party and group enjoyment….. Start with drinks and dance….erotic dance….raunchy dance….foreplay….foreplay….foreplay….main course….main course….main course…main course…main course…main course…main course……….


    • Whoooaaa that’s some raunchy ideas right there!
      We LOVE how your dirty little brain works *wink*
      Keep the fire going Kumar.
      Team ThatsPersonal.

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