How to satisfy a man in bed? What do men want in bed?

Natasha Nov 28 2016 at 1:49 PM

It takes more than just sex to satisfy a man in bed completely. If you know what men love in bed, then it becomes easy to please a man in bed. Sex is an art and you need to learn it sooner or later. When you satisfy him completely, in bed you will get satisfied in return. While there are many ways for women to make sure that they keep their man happy and satisfied. There are certain moves that drive a man crazy in bed. In this article, we will talk about how to please a man in bed and how you can make him think about the way you satisfied him, over and over again.

Try these ideas to please a man in bed, give him the sex experience he never experienced-

Arouse Him- The tease and please foreplay

One of best-proven way is to arouse his inner self, so why not start with foreplay? While there are men who like to get into the act right away, but if you use foreplay right, you can extend his pleasurable time. With foreplay, you can find out what drives your man crazy and do those things to make him happy and sexually satisfied.

Satisfy Men in bed

  • You can touch him on his body, guys love it when women touch them in a sensuous way.
  • The start-stop trick, while penis is the most sensitive part of a man’s body, his upper thigh, and lower belly also reacts to your touch
  • Put on some sensuous music to turn him on. It will help him get in the mood.
  • Give him an erotic massage, a man will never say no to massage.
  • Sit on his laps, give him an erotic lap dance.

Arousal is the key to turning him on and when he is fully turned on, the level of satisfaction will be at a whole new level.

Use your mouth, blow him away

It’s universal truth that, men absolutely love blowjobs. If you do it right, it’s one of the assured ways of his sexual satisfaction. Most women don’t get it right in the first time, but it can be learned and practiced.Change the routine

  • In your pursuit of how to give a man perfect oral experience, you might work fully on a penis. However, you just need to focus on the most sensitive part of the penis, that is, the tip. Roll your tongue on his penis tip, play with your tongue.
  • You can make oral sex more gratifying for you, by using flavored lube also. Flavored lubes are the edible lubricants, 100% veg and they are available in many flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, mango and much more.

Don’t just get over with it, relax and enjoy the intimacy

While learning how to please a man, it’s important that you should cherish those moments too. In order to satisfy a man in bed you need to create new fun things to do, therefore he will not only be pleased but will enjoy those intimate moments too.Pleasure

  • Tell him that you want to try out new positions, some noises heard during sex might excite your partner more.
  • Try small competitions, challenge your man, such as who reaches the orgasm first
  • Adult games are a great way to enjoy intimate time with your partner. Adult games offer small dares, this dare could be fantasies, it could be anything that both of you will remember and create memories with it.

Excite his Biggest Sex Organ: His brain

Brain undoubtedly is the most important sex organ, it is responsible for physical attraction to orgasmic satisfactions. It’s like, the first rule from the playbook, get your vocal acts going. You can arouse men just by whispering something in their ear, something that will make them forget everything. May be a small dirty talk that gets his motor running.

  • “I love the way you kiss me”
  • “I feel so good when I’m with you”
  • “I love the way you taste”
  • “I am going commando tonight”

This will give him the extra boost during sexual intercourse.

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Set forth Sex Positive energy in bedroom, Cultivate positive attitude

Sex Positive involves, being comfortable with your partner and keeping a positive attitude towards sex. Cultivating sex-positive attitude paves the way for sexual arousal and ultimate satisfaction. Be enthusiastic no matter what you are set out to do. Make sure he knows you are really looking forward to having sexual intercourse with him.

  • One way is to show positive attitude is getting to bed before him, it shows you are absolutely turned on
  • Make moves that indicate that you want him, don’t just lie on the bed.

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Submit yourself to him, let him take the control

Women often fail to do this, during sex they tell their husband “I don’t want to do this”, “don’t do this”, “don’t do that”, this puts a man off. He wants to try out new but because of your rejection he can’t do that and that makes him unsatisfied.


Men love to dominate. Being submissive on the bed will rouse his sexual feelings more. Let him drive the wheel, try positions that he wants to try. Men love to keep power control in their hand, let him switch up the patterns. Let him be himself.

Bring their sexual fantasy to life

In order to learn how to satisfy a man? You need to explore his sexual realm. Know what he likes?, what’s his fantasy? What turns him on? Who turns him on? If you know his fantasies, it will be fairly easy for you to satisfy him.

Sex PositionsMany men usually don’t open up about their sexual fantasies, its left unsaid. If you open them up to talk to them about their fantasies, they will love to try those out. Try a sexy costume or whatever it may be but surprise him.

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