How To Sexually Massage And Arouse Your Man?

Aleena May 27 2019 at 9:05 AM

Your partner is working hard in a company that is probably not treating him correctly. Exhaustion is oozing out of his body and you don’t want to see him that way, right? Massage is an innovative way to set your husband’s mood in the right way. After all, if he is not feeling alright, how will he make you scream with orgasm?

Ancient scriptures have proved that massages are linked with our muscles and nerves. They help in opening our mind and relieving a lot of stress. But the problem is that such Thai massages are really costly. Everybody would have loved to get them if they had been frugal. Now there are different ways in which men can be massaged. Your husband would leave the feeling when you will pop his joints while using massaging oil. These little refreshments can be used to awake the beast you have been wanting for your amazing sex.

Let’s see this, who wouldn’t be aroused if your soft, chapped hands were rubbing aphrodisiac massage oil? It would be better to term it as erotic massage oil. You can choose from various massage techniques like Nuru massage, sexually massage, prostate massage as they have been proved to be highly beneficial for physical health as well as improving sexual stimulation.

We know what brings you here! You might be longing for adding spice to your married life. But lethargy is taking toll. It could be an innocent wife’s duty too that brought you here! We are not judging totally! In any way, your man can regain from day’s tiredness with a seductive massage. We shall guide you on how to sexually massage and arouse your man:

1. Selection of appropriate stuff
For an unforgettable massage experience, one must own the appropriate tools. The tools include everything from the right massage oil to useful massage accessories. If you plan to indulge in some food with sex activity later on, don’t forget to buy edible massage oil. You can consider it to be a role play, the only twist being, you are the massager while your husband is your customer.

Massage Lotion And Oils

Don’t forget about the allergies your partner might be having. In the case of sensitive skin, certain erotic massage oils must be avoided. Most people like scented aphrodisiac massage oil or lavender oil. Organic oils are our take while massaging. However, don’t use excess oil. Just keep in mind that a good massage is possible with proper lubrication. Warm oil is always preferred while massaging. Don’t forget, massaging yields best results when surrounding is calm. You might want to plug in his favorite songs and light up scented candles while you let your hands do the magic.

2. Do it slowly and steadily
Never try to massage at pace. Do it gently and steadily. If you rush your massage it will tire you out and your partner won’t be able to enjoy it. Remember, “Haste only spoils taste!” Massage in such a way that your entire body feels but you don’t feel exhausted. In this way, a good massage might run for hours!

Do it slowly and steadily

Ask your partner to lie on his stomach and apply light force on his back. Keep asking how they are feeling and keep increasing the pressure gradually. Keep the massage like a great meal! Uncover its best parts as time passes. In this way, your partner will be able to enjoy every bit of it.

3. Concentrate over shoulders
Shoulders are termed as the burden bearers of our body. They are burdened with all types of baggage. Even emotional baggage! Therefore, it would be preferable to start right from the shoulders. Your husband might be carrying a lot of tensions on his shoulders. It’s time he should unload them. For the time being at least!

Concentrate over shoulders

Remember to concentrate on massaging muscles mostly. Avoid applying too much force on bones and joints in the spinal area. Those areas are highly delicate and excessive pressure might cause joint damage or other serious issues. This is the reason why professional massage therapists don’t massage in those areas.

4. Show your creativity
At times your fingers might demand some rest from long massaging sessions. Try using your palms instead of fingers then. You can also try the finger span between your thumb and fingers to knead those muscles. Ever watched massaging videos? In them, the therapists can be seen to use their forearms. The under-forearm area can turn out to be your best companion while massaging. Leaning over your partners for that extra push might help.

Show your creativity

There are various electric home massagers available in the market. If you have one in working condition, you might want to include it. It will earn you some time for relaxation but not at the cost of your partner’s recreation. We can guarantee that the device won’t kill the massaging experience of your partner!

5. Don’t forget the neck area
When your man is lying on their stomach, massage the neck area with thumbs and forefingers. Use of index fingers must be avoided by keeping them at 90 degrees with the thumb. Repeat the massage while you go up and down. Keep asking them if they are enjoying or not. In this way, the muscle constraints can be given away with constant caresses. Constant feedback are essential for understanding the quality of massage you are providing.

Don’t forget the neck area

Again, we would like to remind you, don’t press the spinal area. Since you are just an amateur, you should pay extra attention while you are near the neck and shoulders.

6. Next stop Face
You might not know, but for men, their face is a sensual area. Don’t ignore it! After all, how can you ignore that face of your Greek God! Now use your fingers to press his temples gently. A good 15 seconds of temple exercise will erase all stress off their minds. Don’t forget to ask if they are digging it!

Face Massage

Next, use fingertips to massage the face. Start from the center of the face near the nose and go all the way near the hairline. Don’t mind if he pulls you and starts kissing. After all, making out can also be an effective break from massaging your partner!

7. Brush the ears
Don’t take it literally! But ears too deserve their bit of special attention. We accept that massaging a grown-up man can be tiring as hell. Ears can be the area where you might take a recess!

Brush the ears

Ears are highly sensitive. They contain a number of sensory nerves which can turn your man on! A gentle finger massage in circles might be just the thing your man wants.

8. Turn to the lower back
It is the reason for most of our back pains. It arises due to long hours of sitting at the office. It occurs due to a load of our entire body is passed onto the lower part. For massaging the lower part, you can practically use anything. Hands, arms, elbow; anything that can be helpful for you to soothe his muscles, would do! Don’t ignore the storage of erotic energy: the sacrum! We are damn sure that your partner would want to give you some “message” after this!

Turn to the lower back

9. Hands and feet must not be ignored
Men might not prefer massage on hands and feet. They won’t even ask in case they want to. Take our word, they would love it! It can be termed as dessert to the complete meal of body massage!

Hands and feet must not be ignored

Begin with intertwining your hands with theirs. Romantic isn’t it? Now by using thumbs press the back of their palms and start kneading it. Now try pressurizing their fingers with adequate force. Try massaging their arm by imitating a twisting action. And at last finish with their feet. Don’t spend more than 2-3 minutes on each hand and feet. Overall 10 minutes of hand and foot massage should be enough, but the difference made will be huge.

With this, you will finish body massage. Now it’s time to take the bull by its horns. Start by few kisses and cuddles to arouse the sex beast within him. He won’t let you down after such a sensual massage. Trust us!

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