My husband had small penis…here’s how he satisfied me

Aleena Aug 2 2018 at 1:32 PM

My eyes were wide open…..

With my husband’s penis inside me, my eyes stay wide opened and forehead is creased into wrinkles…..

Arjun has always told me to relax, close my eyes and get lost in the moment.

But how do I do that ? When I don’t know what moment we are getting lost in.

I have read tons of articles on the G-spot and the A-spot but my husband’s penis has made me believe I have none in me.

With my eyes wide open I am actually looking for the spots that Arjun’s penis is touching….NONE.

Absolutely nothing.


For a year I almost believed I had no pleasure spots inside me until one day Naina, my friend introduced me to her friend, the vibe.

Using a long, powerful vibrator targeted a deep territory inside that felt OH SO FUCKING GOOD!

But it was too deep, that’s where the problem lied.

Arjun’s penis could not reach there nor make me feel full inside me.

That’s when we figured out, it was the length. That’s what caused the confused look on my face and my open eyes searching for the pleasure.

The length and girth of Arjun’s penis did nothing to satisfy me. It did not touch the sweet spots inside me. And hence, I was always unsatisfied with the sex we both had.

Next was this clarification to Arjun. I did not talk in references like Megha did in Lust Stories to explain to her husband that she deserves the fun equally.

I made sure I keep it as simple and direct as possible. Because I knew Arjun was matured enough to understand what’s happening.

Arjun had come back from work and I was settling our room. Our conversation went something like this…..

Me – Arjun, remember the other night right in the middle of …you know…you kissed my eyes and whispered “Close your eyes love”.

Arjun- ( Entirely focused on unbuttoning his shirt ) Yeah, but where are you going with this?

Me- (Now a little scared) Just wanted to tell you, it was a beautiful moment.

Arjun- (Gives me a heart-warming smile gesturing that it was his pleasure. )

The conversation stopped right there. I didn’t have the courage to continue. I realized I had to find an alternate way.

Our sex the same night was just as usual. Arjun thrusted into me and was pounding like a beast. No doubt he was wild and passionate in bed. I loved his hot moves and the way he performed in bed. Problem was- His penis & Not him.

Yet again, seeing the restlessness Arjun made his way to my forehead this time assuring me and asking me to close my eyes.

But now, I stopped. I spoke up and said,

“Arjun I not feeling anything inside me”.

His face turned into a land of confusion. He wasn’t sure how to react. All he said was “What”? But not in a rude way. Which made me really comfortable and carry on with it.

I calmly explained to him how a woman’s orgasm works and what needs to be pressured to achieve that. He didn’t say a word. So I continued explaining that we are not able to achieve that right now because of the length and I didn’t wanna cheat on him.


He really appreciated this honest revelation and was kinda embarrassed for not being enough. I assured him he was more enough than I could have ever dreamt of.

The next day, I took Arjun out for dinner because at that moment he “needed” to feel good about himself. And I was going to leave no stone unturned to make sure that happens. Because he was great husband . He shouldn’t be treated any less just because of one thing which is not under his control to be honest.

On the date night, I also took a heart-melting gift for him coz I thought he needed to be pampered. We didn’t have sex that night…instead we cuddled and relived our early memories.

Next day, a gift arrived home. I opened it and found a Bathmate Penis Enlargement Pump. I was pleasantly surprised. Arjun was at work….I shot him a text and he replied saying,

“It’s a gift for you darling”.

Once back home, Arjun got into the technicalities of how the pump worked and I just got excited seeing him use it.

The best part about Bathmate pump was that, we could totally have normal sex life while using the Bathmate pump. That’s why we frequently had sex.

In the next two weeks, Arjun’s erection felt harder inside me.I could feel the difference and I complimented him on the same.

It took Arjun a whole month to show some improvement in the thickness and till about a month I did not really feel full inside me. But I did not let this reach to Arjun and discourage his efforts. I tried to keep him motivated every day and let him know that he’s doing really good.

Over the course of 3 months, our frequency reduced and we rarely had sex due to work and responsibilities. I completely forgot about the Bathmate penis pump. Didn’t even know if Arjun was using it or he gave up.

It was one week into September, our anniversary month….. Arjun took me out on a date like we always did on our anniversary, nothing too special.

But what happened next, blew my mind.

Arjun had our bed decorated with flowers exactly in the same pattern as our first night. There kept a sexy lingerie for me to put on. I wasn’t really sure what was happening.

Seeing him so happy, I obliged and went on to put on the naughty dress he got for me.

The moment he saw me, he pounced on me and we began our foreplay. He was always good at it. His hands, his mouth, his passion….he always made me feel wanted and desired.

There was a new found confidence in Arjun’s moves.

Here’s what happened with our sex-

His thrust felt completely & absolutely full inside me. His penis was discovering new found regions in my vagina….and all of them felt totally pleasurable. It was like sparks flying inside me back to back.

His thrusts kept hitting  pleasurable areas inside me back to back and for the first time, Arjun leaned on and kissed my closed eyes.

I couldn’t say a word after the session and I still can’t with the shock….All I want to say is, Thank You Bathmate.

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