Indian sex story – My horny Christmas Eve

Aleena Aug 23 2018 at 3:26 PM

As winter was approaching, I knew it was going to be yet another cold alone winter for me.I was a typical Tomboy. I wasn’t girlish in any of my ways. And that’s why guys preferred me as a buddy rather than a girlfriend. And I was kinda okay with it to a certain point.

But then comes winter where all the lovey-dovey couples hold hands and cuddle each other in bed and make out to keep themselves warm.

So bottom line is that I needed a fuck!

On my way back from the supermarket with the earphones plugged in, a guy bumped into me. He was in a hurry and quickly apologized. Oblivious of what’s going to happen I just said,

“It’s cool buddy”.

Reached my place, had scrambled eggs and went off to sleep.

The next morning, I wished myself,

“Good Morning Alexandra”

Since I had no one else to wish.Prepped myself for my routine cycling voyage. Cycling in the park was my favorite thing to do in the morning. It kinda gave me the willpower to wake up in the morning too.

On my way to the park. I could hear a guy calling out to me,

“Hey hey Hey!”

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Turned around and I see the guy who bumped on to me yesterday. He quickly came up to me and said,

“Hey am sorry about yesterday. A guy stole my bicycle. And I was chasing him.”

In my mind I liked the fact that he was in to bicycling as well. He then told me that he caught the guy thanks to a cop patrolling the streets.

He asked me where was I going and said if he can join me. I agreed as I didn’t know what else to say.

Our bicycling was fun and we thought of meeting up later for breakfast.

He invited me to his place, surprisingly he lived down my lane. He just moved in to complete his internship. And we proceeded to our respective places.

Planning out what to wear wasn’t an easy task  for me as I had nothing girly. I finalized on a blue ripped jeans and a tank top with a shirt over it and oh yeah casual sneakers,  I was off to his place.

He opened the door like I was a VIP. He welcomed me. We were talking while eating and time just passed.

All of a sudden I noticed that he was checking me out. I didn’t get a lot of guys checking me out and so I let him continue. I liked the attention and I removed my shirt on the pretense that I was feeling hot.I could tell by the look of his face that he liked what he saw.

We decided to meet up the next day in the park followed by breakfast in my place. As we had to leave and get all professional for our office. When the next day arrived we did just that and every day after day we made it a must to meet up and spend time with each other.

It was Christmas eve and we decided to spend the eve and Christmas together. I was excited as this was my first Christmas with guy. I wore a tank top and a casual denim short. I was decorating the Christmas tree and I hear his voice,

“Sylvester at your service.”

I asked him to decorate the tree with me. He moved close to me and whispered,

“You’re looking irresistible. I told Santa that all I want for Christmas is You. Wonder if he’ll listen to me”

All i could do is smile and say,

“Dude fuck off”

Tomboyish you see. He looked into my eyes and said,

“How about if this guy fucks you ?”

I was taken aback with my mouth open and my eyes fixed on him. I never knew how to respond. Without wasting another minute, he took over and kissed me hard, with his waist on my waist. I couldn’t resist and gave in. I was on the floor and he was on me.

The chilled floor and the warmth of his body was a perfect combination. He unbuttoned my denim shorts and had his hand slipped in. It was all too good to be true. His hands had the power to do wonders.

He had my clit and my slit wet and throbbing. I could see his bulge and knew that was my delight,

“Hey Sylvester let that *pointing to the bulge* be inside of me”.

He removed his pants and began thrusting me with all his might. My body was jerking with every thrust. He had a huge dick and well my body couldn’t handle it but I knew that I wanted all of him inside of me.

“You are amazing with bumps and jerks buddy”

He held my hair back and grabbed it as I was his slave. With my nails going deeper into his skin, I was truly celebrating Christmas.

He was about to ejaculate. I asked him to hold it for a little longer as I wanted more of this heavenly feeling. He could sense that i wanted more and he said,

“This was just for the eve. We have to celebrate 25th too tomorrow you know”

To which he withdrew his dick and ejaculated on my body. We then showered together and got ready for mass.

During the sermon we held each other’s hand as we knew when we go back, we had Round 2 to be dealt with.


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