Indian sex story – My horny Christmas Eve

Aleena Aug 23 2018 at 3:26 PM

As winter was approaching, I knew it was going to be yet another cold alone winter for me.I was a typical Tomboy. I wasn’t girlish in any of my ways. And that’s why guys preferred me as a buddy rather than a girlfriend. And I was kinda okay with it to a certain point.

But then comes winter where all the lovey-dovey couples hold hands and cuddle each other in bed and make out to keep themselves warm.

So bottom line is that I needed a fuck!

On my way back from the supermarket with the earphones plugged in, a guy bumped into me. He was in a hurry and quickly apologized. Oblivious of what’s going to happen I just said,

“It’s cool buddy”.

Reached my place, had scrambled eggs and went off to sleep.

The next morning, I wished myself,

“Good Morning Alexandra”

Since I had no one else to wish.Prepped myself for my routine cycling voyage. Cycling in the park was my favorite thing to do in the morning. It kinda gave me the willpower to wake up in the morning too.

On my way to the park. I could hear a guy calling out to me,

“Hey hey Hey!”

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