Inner(wear) Secrets – Finding the Perfect Bra

Natasha Jul 6 2015 at 10:05 AM

Man is a social being and therefore cannot be caged. Well shouldn’t the same apply to breasts? Lol

On a serious note it is a well established fact that 85% of women wear the wrong bra. Ever thought you too could be the one among the lot?

Never mind. Here’s all you need to know about the Bra code!

Types of breasts: – Boobs like candies come in all sorts of flavors. (Sorry a tad crass) Ranging from full-on-top, full-on-the-bottom, full all over or less full all over, simply because there’s no such thing as empty all over: P

Depending on the size and volume of the breast, bras accordingly provide support at the top, bottom or all over.

The Most Common kinds of bras: – Sports bra, push up bra, Strapless bra, Underwired bra, Halter neck,


Padded bra, Minimiser bra, the full cup/coverage bra, the one with Demi (half) cups and lastly the mainstream soft cups bra.

Signs of an incorrect size:-

– Wrinkling of cups
– Center of the bra, where the cups end, does not sit flat against the sternum/cleavage

– Breasts slip out the bottom of the wires

– Band rides up the back (is too tight)

– Straps dig painfully into the shoulders
– Breasts bubble over the top of the cups (quadra-boob)

Identifying a good fit: – A quick and painless check is to latch the hooks of the bra, lean over and allow yourself to fall into the cups. If your boobs are pouring out and over, you need to move a cup size.

Knowing the lingerie lingo:- The first step to buying the right bra is in knowing the letters A- H stand for cup sizes and the numbers 32, 34, 36, 38 etc represent the band sizes – the part of the bra that goes around the torso.

There is something called “sister sizes,” or bra sizes that hold equal amounts of mass. For example, a 34D is roughly equal to a 36C, in as far as how much breast mass they will hold.

Things to keep in mind before buying a bra: - Measure yourself. Not only the breasts but also below the breasts to find out your band size.


Always buy bra’s that fasten at the last hook; cause the material any which way stretches with perpetual wear, eventually.

Hand washing bras is always a better option over machine washing for a longer last. However it may not always be possible to hand wash lingerie. Thus one should invest more in regular comfortable bras rather than fancy tulle ones.


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