Is she The One…….Signs universe won’t show you

Aleena Aug 13 2018 at 12:44 PM

She’s quirky,

She’s pretty,

She’s even considerate to your volatile moods

But is she really a “keeper”…..?

You may have had an elaborate crush on the power ranger girls or the powerpuff trio when you were a kid but as you grow up you realize there’s so much more to the girl you will marry than those fickle tinder dates you painted the town red with.

At times you can picture your date pouring cereals in the bowl behind your breakfast counter; at times it seems a lot of hard work and you wanna get away from the relationship the very next second.

With these ever changing thoughts our selectively penned down checklist will give you the much needed clarity into the choice of girl walking down the aisle for you…….

1. She is Fire and Ice

She has those fiery, lit-up eyes when she talks about things she’s passionate about and at the same time she melts in empathy at the sight of an orphaned kid.

That’s the sign of a lady with substance. She’s the one who can help you overcome tough times effortlessly.

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