Know Which Condom to Use

Natasha Jun 29 2016 at 12:14 PM

Multiple brands of condoms are available in the market as well as online. When choosing condoms one needs to decide on materials, size, texture, lubrication and flavored condoms which are best suited for you and your mate. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Here are the available options:



Most condoms are made of latex which is capable of a stretch of up to 800% its size, which makes it perfect for the heat and friction of sex. Latex condoms tend to tear with oil based lubricants and hence water or silicone based lubes are commonly used with latex.

Latex Condoms

Perfect for the heat and friction of sex


It is the most popular alternative for people who are allergic to latex. Made out of a type of synthetic plastic, they conduct heat better than latex and are also thinner, which many men find to be more pleasurable. Some female condoms are also made of polyurethane. They too can be used with water or silicone based lubricants.

Polyurethane Condoms, Thinner compared Latex

Alternative for people who are allergic to latex.


Polyisoprene is another alternative for those who are allergic to latex. It is thicker than polyurethane but is cheaper than polyurethane. Polyisoprene condoms feel more natural and are softer and stretch more.

Polyisoprene Condoms

Another alternative for those who are allergic to latex


Condoms made of lambskin (the intestine of a lamb) are the oldest type of condoms. Lambskin condoms can prevent pregnancy but are ineffective in controlling STDs and HIV. They are expensive, feel natural and can be used with oil and water based lubes. They are totally biodegradable.

Lambskin Condoms: Oldest type

Lambskin condoms can prevent pregnancy but are ineffective in controlling STDs and HIV.


The latest female condoms are made of a type of rubber called nitrile. Nitrile is suitable for those with latex allergy. Nitrile can be used with water or silicone based lubes as well as oil based lubes without the scare of tearing. Nitrile is cheap and hence female condoms are now more affordable.

Nitrile Condoms: Condoms for women

Nitrile is cheap and hence female condoms are now more affordable.


Lubricated condoms come with the lubricant already applied to the condom. Lubrication assists in slipping the condom onto the penis easily and eases friction thereby increasing sexual pleasure and reducing the chances of breakage. Some people buy lubes separately. Water and silicone based lube work with all kinds of condoms. Do not use latex with oil based lubes or they can tear.

Lubricated condoms by Drool

Lubricated condoms come with the lubricant already applied to the condom

Non-lubricated condoms are most useful for oral sex and for people with allergies or sensitivities to lubricants.

Spermicidally lubricated condoms reduce sperm mobility on ejaculation and hence prevent pregnancy. However, they are known to cause irritation, burning and urinary infections.


Most condoms have a standard universal size and generally fit men whose erect penis is anywhere between 4 to 7 inches. Some companies manufacture snugger fit or larger size condoms too. One should buy the different sizes and try the condoms on before sex so that it does not slip off during sexual intercourse.

A variety of features are available in condoms

  • Flavoured condoms such as strawberry, vanilla, mint or chocolate flavours are a great way to indulge in oral sex
  • Dotted condoms increase the fun and pleasure in sexual intercourse
  • Magnum sized condoms are extra large in size for men with larger penile size
  • Coloured condoms come in varying colours as well as the glow in the dark neon variety
  • Climax control or desensitizing condoms delay ejaculation by making the penis go numb
  • Warming condoms heat up the genitals thereby increasing pleasure
  • Textured condoms can be ribbed or bumped to increase her pleasure
  • Sensitive condoms are extra thin and feel like they are not there at all
  • Extra strength condoms are thicker than normal giving the assurance of safety
  • Snugger size condoms are smaller than average for the tight snug fit

Condoms including female condoms can be purchased in a store but the convenience is much more when buying online. One can do a thorough research before buying the condom best suited for him. Most online condom stores offer Fast Shipping and some even give you free condoms at checkout just for shopping with them. Take your time, experiment and have a fun.

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