Long distance relationship tips – Best tricks to keep it interesting!

Aleena Nov 10 2017 at 10:01 AM

Hey long distance relationship lovers….here’s your treasure to killer long distance relationship tips and gifts and activities!

You have developed tremendous amount of patience with Skype, Your typing skills have skyrocketed every level, your phone bills are crazy huge…..if that’s you. Congratulations! You are on the hopelessly in a long distance love squad. Here is a mirror to your anatomy right now.

Anatomy of a long distance relationship couple

Cute couple goals long distance relationship ideas tips and tricks, gifts, things to do cute couple things

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We extend our heartfelt admiration to you and your significant other for choosing a long distance relationship and sticking together no matter what. While your college folks upload gazillion pictures from the canteen lunch, captioning it “couple goals” you just sit there reeling in the emotion of love through your long distance relationship.

Couple goals are the new big thing……We are not going to flood with you with trust, communication and honesty advice instead we are going to give you practical long distance relationship tips to be the strongest long distance relationship couple and throw on some major couple envy!

I) Social media-

While in a long distance relationship, technology is your trump card and the most powerful long distance relationship tip you will ever come across!

a) Post a solo picture of your significant other and caption it with romantic love quotes-

“Can’t get enough of this guy/girl”

“He’s so gorgeous to look at, how did I get so lucky”?

“Can’t take my eyes off this one”.

“The normal things that couple do, are bucket lists for us but hey, we got this”

“Eyeing a forever with him/her”

“That’s exactly what a blessing looks like in person”

“Obsessed and how!”

Cute couple goals long distance relationship ideas tips and tricks, gifts, things to do cute couple things, interesting thingsb) Show them off to the world-

Nothing strengthens a long distance relationship better than being considered valued and cherished. In a long distance relationship, how? .We say make them feel special and there’s no way better than social media to do it. Although make sure it’s the same from both the sides. Write really long captions once in awhile, post a quirky picture of you missing them and you are going to be the next inspirational couple on the block!


Although this one sounds bookish, this long distance relationship tips has a lot of power in the long run. Try to stay connected MOST of the times as a distance couple.

Even if your significant other is in a lecture, you should know it and you should try and give them a reason to smile once they are out of the lecture.

Spam them with endless texts about how much you are missing them, post something cute for them, update a written status….just do it!!

If the other one is busy, you should always always know where. It helps build a lot of trust in a long distance relationship.

IV) Creative Gifts Online-

No, we are not talking about sending care packages or perfumes and watches. Even long distance gifts exists and can be given online!! You just need a little bit of creativity. Don’t fret we have done the work for you….

a) Ecards-

Although cards are a bit old school, its definitely touching and romantic in a long distance relationship. Now you don’t have to physically give your partner a card. With this long distance relationship tip, you just need to send them online! Directly to the email inbox of your long distance partner. What’s better is…you can choose from a wide range of templates and personalize the video card with your own messages.

b) Make an entire website for your significant other-

Check online for websites that give you a layout for free! Put in some pictures, write some romantic things for your LDR partner ….that’s it! Copy and paste the link to your partner. They’ll be thrilled to see how much efforts you have put in even after surviving this long distance relationship.

c) Online treasure hunt-

Wait what’s that? Is it even possible? We say yes! You can use readily available apps for this long distance surprise. Instagram, Facebook, Email, Whatsapp, Messaging inbox and so many more!

Just make treasure hunt clues that describe each of these apps, and send a surprise video or text in that app along with the next clue.

d) Placards-

Just take any random sheet of paper. Glue it together to make a cue card kind of a thing (Even better if you can actually get hold of an original placard). Do not write any random quote from the internet or even a straight I Love You. On this placard, write some inside things. Things that are only between you both. For example – If you have a favorite food that your SO does not want you to eat because of it being unhealthy. Write “Guess who’s leaving Soya chunks from next week” . It is sure gonna warm their heart and make them chuckle.

Mount your phone in a place and open the front camera. Hold the placard in your hand and make sad faces, funny faces, weird faces to compliment the thing written on the placard. That’s it! Compile the pictures in a video with your favorite song in the background or just send the pictures directly. Use these whenever they are down or sick and simple when you just wanna make their day.

e) Crosswords-

We all have grown up solving crosswords. Be it crossword books or the newspapers, its an age-old game everyone loves playing. Just google “create crossword online” and you will be offered loads of websites that customize crosswords according to your need. Keep your crossword strictly “relationship-based”.Put in questions like name of the dish you ate on your first date, or brand of the perfume he wore last time. Download and send away to your partner, they’ll be so delighted to see the efforts you have put in.

It’s much more exciting than it sounds. Try this long distance relationship gifts and let us know in the comments below.

V) Do things together ONLINE over a distance love-

There’s so many long distance relationship activities a Long distance couple can do other than Skype calls. At least once in a month try engaging in an online Long distance relationship activities together.

  • Play real-time quizzes together on QuizUp. You can beat your SO at some games, while they beat you in others.
  • Arrange movie dates on real-time syncing websites. You can watch videos of your favorite you-tubers or watch your fav hack videos….there’s so much out there!
  • Play fun games like freeze where you need to text “Freeze” and your partner needs to freeze wherever they are and send a picture to you.
  • You know those super adorable heart warming couple animation you saw the other day on Instagram ? And that relationship meme that screamed “that’s so us” in your mind? Yes, those..Sharing those can be a way to more fun relationship. Just save it and send them to your SO throughout the day. You both should keep sharing quotes, images, videos almost every interesting thing you found online! It can be a great bonding trick in the long run and maybe it can give you a new topic to talk about.
  • Browse websites in sync together and discover fun stuff. Go through online shopping sites and pick up stuff for each other. Everything in real time!
  • There are so many shared diaries and journals out there at your disposal. Just pick a favorite app or a website and get journal-ing. You can create a bucket list for your relationship, Jot down the best moments, document a surprise write-up for your partner on days when you run out of ideas for gifts, or simply keep posting inspirational quotes on long distance relationships. In the long run, you will have something you both have created.
  • Since we have talked about quizzes already, here’s a romantic twist to the quiz. Did you know there are websites that let you create a quiz out of almost anything you want? Go ahead and create a quiz about yourself or your relationship and send the link to your partner.

VI) Don’t underestimate the power of sexting in a long distance relationship-

Physical touch is the biggest issue in a long distance relationship. Sexting is helpful to bridge the gap more than you can imagine and keep your love fresh and exciting over a distance.

  • When your significant other is in a meeting or a lecture, shoot them a naughty text and see their reaction once they’re free.
  • Share some naughty stuff you found online….let them know they are always on your mind.

VII) Open when letters are HUGE-

Trust us when we say this, open when letters are a great thing to keep with your partner once they are away. You can give it to them during one of your LDR meet or send them through a courier package. It really one long distance relationship gift that is definitely gonna be cherished. It looks something like this-

Long distance relationship quotes, cute couple goals, ldr ideas, tips and tricks, things to do long distance relationship, open when letter gift

You can cover a range of topics including

a) “Open when you are doubting our relationship”-

Put in all things you have achieved so far, doesn’t matter big or small, all the situations you have overcome (if any). You can also include pictures of some post updates you made on social medias when you crossed a milestone, or your birthday celebration. Just let them know you have come a long way together and there is always hope”.

b) “Open when you want to see how our future looks like”-

Include a written list of things you have discussed you will do together at some point of your relationship. If you have envisioned what your house would look like, print out a tiny image of a similar one from google, if you have decided what the names of your kids are gonna be- print out tiny images of little kids from google and draw out their name with a sketch pen. Edit a meme on the internet and put in an inside joke. Possibilities are endless.

c) “Open when you are feeling less handsome/beautiful”-

Do not go the traditional mirror way. Instead- Take a front page of any random newspaper, gather a small mirror, a colored paper and some glue. On the sub headline of the newspaper, paste a long colored paper and write “Breaking news” over it. Then move on to one of the news story in the newspaper. On the place of that image, glue your tiny mirror. Next to that, paste some paper and write over it. “Most beautiful man spotted. Give it a total news-piece feeling by inserting the place of the incident. For example- In the first line, write “Mumbai, Maharashtra” . And then go on to write your piece of news surrounding it. That’s it! Fold the newspaper carefully and put inside the envelope.

d) “Open when you you want to have some fun”-

For this you might wanna purchase a few cheap things. Grab a pack of balloons and a packet of glitter. Write some of the cheesiest pick up lines on a thin strip of paper, drop some glitter in a balloon, then slide in the paper. Do not blow up the balloon. Just keep keeping all the balloons in the envelope. Don’t forget to include a pin to poke the balloon. Your partner will have loads of fun blowing and poking and receiving blush-worthy compliments inside.

Always remember it’s not easy but it’s worth it- just with little effort!

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