Male Performance Anxiety – How to overcome?

Natasha Jun 3 2016 at 12:58 PM

Male performance anxiety has become one of the most common sexual problems in men today. Sex is meant to be a pleasurable, satisfying and memorable experience. However, if the man suffers from male performance anxiety he will find it very difficult to feel intimate with his partner. His constant fretting and worrying over whether he “is doing it right” or whether is his “size big enough” will lead him to have a low self esteem and probably make sex stressful or even want to avoid sex altogether. When the mind is too stressed out to have sex, the body will not get aroused and perform likewise leading to male performance anxiety.

Various factors contribute to male performance anxiety:

  • Anxiety of the woman not being able to climax and hence not being able to sexual satisfy a woman
  • Premature ejaculation or taking too long to reach orgasm
  • Personal relationship problems
  • Worry that penis size is not adequate enough
  • Low self esteem of oneself due to weight issues which lead to body shaming
  • Sexual boredom
  • Inexperience
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Fear of not being able to get an erection

There are various ways to overcome this male performance anxiety:

1. Reduce stress

One faces many problems in day to day life such as financial stress, work overload, stress that children are not doing well at school, problems with friends or family. Any problem induces stress and hence results in male performance anxiety. Ease the stress and watch the results. You will begin to perform.

Reduce stress

2. Introduce anxiety busters

Introduce exercise, yoga, long walks, soothing music, breathing relaxing techniques in your day to day life. All of these above anxiety reducing techniques will reduce muscle stress, have positive effect on blood pressure and thereby lead to improved male performance.

Introduce anxiety busters

3. Communication is the key

Talk to your partner about your fears, concerns and apprehensions. Keeping the issues bottled up will only add to male performance anxiety. Talk it out and vent the emotions. Being honest with yourself and your partner is the only way forward to improve male performance.

Communication is the key

4. Don’t be in a hurry

Indulge in foreplay to increase your desire and well as your partner’s. Buy some time. Enjoy the time with your partner. Hug, touch, massage your partner. Indulge in mutual masturbation and oral sex. Don’t be in a hurry to rush into sex. These gestures are not goal oriented. Instead they teach you to be mindful of pleasure with your partner. Slowing things down is the key to solving male performance anxiety.


5. Be realistic

Be realistic and don’t expect yourself to be like the porn video stars who exhibit great stamina, large penises and can go on and on with sex for hours. Remember that what a man does with his penis is more important than its size. Watching porn videos can give you unrealistic expectations.

Be realistic

6. Do not indulge in body bashing and body shaming

These days exposure to media exposes us to good looking people with perfect bodily features. Then when our bodies don’t match up to these hot bodies we feel a sense of low self esteem and depression can begin to set in. Love your bodies. If you aren’t fit, hit the gym. Your woman will love you for your personality not for your body. Body shaming leads to low male performance. Quit it and get a positive outlook towards yourself.

Do not indulge in body bashing and body shaming

7. Get help

Do not hesitate to seek help if you need it. Issues like erectile dysfunction need medical attention. Erectile dysfunction can cause major psychological blow in men and is best to visit a doctor to treat it. Drugs are readily available and treatment is possible successfully. Seek medical help where required. Penis Enlargement products such as penis extender, penis pump etc. are available which help you increase your size and improve your performance as well.

Get help

Sex is not about the destination. It is about the journey. Find your comfort zone and enjoy the experience instead of fretting over it.

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