Erotic Men’s Innerwear – Feel sexy in the bedroom!

Natasha Jun 16 2016 at 6:50 AM

Erotic Men’s Innerwear – Route to the ultimate sexy!

Until some years back, men’s innerwear was almost an unheard of subject. When we talk of men’s wear the least discussed is probably men’s innerwear. Gone are the days when men’s innerwear was a simple, straightforward choice. Men’s clothes can tell you a lot about his appearance, personality and character but what he wears underneath them can be even more revealing.

During the art of seducing, innerwear plays an important role in attracting your partner. Guys want their women to look sexy, alluring and seductive in provocative lingerie. Similarly, nowadays, women also deserve to be seduced by their men in new, kinky, provocative and different ways. Seduction is no longer a girl’s prerogative. Today, men want to look attractive, seductive and tempting in boudoir. The range of men’s innerwear might not be as varied and exhaustive as compared to women’s innerwear, but it seems that men are getting there soon.

Varied types of sexy, erotic and provocative men’s innerwear are now easily available on online stores in India. Some of these men’s innerwear can be worn routinely to portray the man’s sexy and wild side. Sexy men’s innerwear helps them look attractive and seductive to women and helps boost their confidence. These sexy, naughty, fun men’s innerwear can save your night or your afternoon delight. So go ahead and make your woman moan, groan and sigh in the following kinds on sexy men’s innerwear.


Briefs are commonly known as Y-fronts in the United Kingdom. Similar in appearance to women’s panties, briefs have no legs, are elasticated tight fitting men’s innerwear. They differ from women’s panties in that they have extra material in the frontal crotch area to accommodate the man’s jewels. Briefs are tight and lend support to the male bulge. Men usually prefer briefs because whilst running their jewels don’t jiggle and also the briefs don’t ride up during the run. Sexy, provocative variations of these men’s briefs are readily available online. Briefs can be sexy or kinky when they have a pouch sticking out on the front side. This highlights the man’s genital area giving him a naughty & sexy appearance.

Blue Line: Performance Microfiber Short Blue Line: Performance Microfiber Trunk Navy BlueHustler: Microfiber trunk Leo

Boxer briefs

The latest and biggest variation of the brief is the boxer brief. It’s a short and brief both rolled into one. Boxer briefs offer the longer leg of the shorts to maintain the male’s modesty along with the taut, tight and supportive fit of the briefs which help to keep the man’s jewels in place during physical activity. The tight figure hugging boxer brief is sexually appealing, provocative and stylish. The tighter the fit, the greater the bulge revealed. Some designs have a peephole at the front or rear end.

Stretch snake print mini short features comfort fit pouch and classic cut. Hustler: Microfiber trunk Camo Hustler: Logo Elastic Cotton/Spandex Trunk


Trunks are a hybrid between a brief and boxer brief and are the latest kind of underwear available in the market. They are longer than briefs but shorter than boxer briefs and are tight fitting with an element of stretch. Guys tend to prefer trunks as they make them feel more grown up and masculine than the traditional boxer shorts.

Hustler: Logo Elastic Cotton/Spandex TrunkHustler: Logo Elastic Cotton/Spandex Trunk Hustler: Microfiber trunk Leo

Thongs, G-string, Bikinis and Jockstraps

Thongs originated from the loincloth in olden days. They are the ultimate in sexy men’s innerwear. The man’s crotch area is covered by a front panel and it is secured by small band like extensions that are attached to the center of the waistband, G-strings are thongs with string like waistbands offering minimal coverage. Buttocks are exposed bare. The problem of drooping or sagging buttocks is dealt with by jockstraps which hold the buttocks higher and tauter. Men even wear sexy bikini styled innerwear to lure their women.

Blue Line: Performance Microfiber Thong Royal Blue Blue Line: Performance Microfiber Thong Black Blue Line: Pro-Mesh Leopard Thong Leopard print

Men’s innerwear can be made of varied fabrics – cotton, polyester, lace, leather and even sheer. Materials are usually dark and sexual that entice women to touch them. Leather men’s innerwear usually are shimmery giving the underwear a wet sexy look. Leather men’s innerwear are made sexier by their degree of tightness in which you can clearly see the man’s genitals highlighted. Lace men’s innerwear is see through and sexy. Even sheer men’s innerwear does not leave much to the woman’s imagination. In fact it has her praying for her man to get it off as soon as possible.

Blue Line: Performance Microfiber Pouch G-String Black Blue Line: Performance Microfiber Pouch G-String Royal Blue Blue Line: Performance Microfiber Pouch G-String Red

Role play costumes

Not only men like to fantasies about their woman, even women like to see their men slink into sexy, kinky role play costumes. He could be dressed as a superhot super sexy superman to save his damsel in distress. Or he could be the sexy priest who hears her confess and then lets each one her sins tempt him out of his celibate life. He could even be the sexy waiter who is rewarded with more than just a generous tip for his efforts.

Spice: 2 Piece Super Man set Spice: 3 piece Waiter Set Role-Play Costume for Man Spice: 2Piece Policeman Set

Entice your woman in some of these sexy men’s innerwear and watch her panting and salivating for you!!

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