Mind-Numbingly Dumb Sex Questions To Give You A Laughter Ride

Natasha Sep 7 2016 at 11:57 AM

Given above are some of the most mind-numbingly dumb sex questions you would ever come across. Just reading these questions can drop your IQ level by 10 points. And, yes it’s true that such people exist.

See for yourself -

Q1) “Penis vs Wild” Guy

The first question is of an 18 year old boy who happens to think too much and do things that could make a TV series “Penis vs Wild”. Seriously, when I was 18, the only thing I cared about was scraping through my exams.

Q2) “The Tailor” Guy

Perhaps 14 cms is even below the average size of a human penis ;) This dude needs to use the correct scale.  Get over yourself. You can easily enter a vagina.  Your friends are just taunting that you can become a nice tailor. You may have some attributes of a tailor but may have overlooked.

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Q3) “The Pigeon” Man

Imagine how pretty a pigeon man would look when he flies. I know right, he wouldn’t. Just a little science would be sufficient to abate his curiosity in this case. We have heard of “Curiosity killed the cat” but in this case it would be “Curiosity fuc##d the pigeon”.


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