Must have Sex Products by your Bedside Table

Natasha Jun 23 2016 at 8:42 AM

70% women cannot climax from penetrative sex alone. Using a sex product can aid her to orgasm as using the hand alone can be tiring for the man. Who says women are too old to play with toys? Even the most sexually compatible couple needs the aid of sex products to keep the spark burning in their sex life. Sex products can broaden your idea of what sex is. Too often we think of sex as just being intercourse. Sex products can help you recognize the broader depth of human sexuality. Have a raunchy night between the sheets with these must have sex products available online and expand your sexual repertoire tonight.

The useful vibrator

A vibrator is a sex toy that is used on the body to produce pleasurable erotic stimulation. The vibrator is a power tool for the clitoris and a must have in every woman’s bedside drawer. A vibrator is a woman’s best friend. Some vibrators designed for women stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina. Some vibrators are designed for couples to stimulate the genitals of both partners. Jimmy Jane Hello Touch Vibrator is one such cool vibrator that can be worn on the finger.

Jimmy Jane Hello Touch Vibrator

Some vibrators designed for women stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina.

Jimmyjane Hello Touch X Fingertip Vibrator

Jimmy Jane Hello Touch Vibrator is a vibrator that can be worn on the finger.













There is something erotic about being tied up. It can be paradoxically quite a liberating experience for the one being tied or the one tying up. Handcuffs and wrist and ankle restraints are perfect for bondage. Bondage gives a sense of control and power and also visual pleasure to the one who is restraining while the restrained partner derives pleasure from being helpless and controlled.

Magic Silk Seamless Teddy with 3 piece Bondage Set Black

It is always erotic being tied up

Bijoux Indiscrets: Plaisir nacre - White

Bedroom bondage gets hotter with these beautiful faux pearl handcuffs.













According to Jessica O’Reilly, author of The New Sex Bible, blindfolds are the most popular bedroom prop. “The sensory deprivation you experience when you eliminate the sense of sight only heightens the perception of other senses, making every touch and every whisper all the more titillating.” In addition to stimulating the senses, blindfolding helps to reduce inhibitions and performance pressure that an individual may have. The blindfolded partner lets loose and tends to forgets about any self confidence issues that may interfere with pleasure. And if you're shy, a blindfolded partner may help you feel more comfortable exploring your sexual desires.

BlindFolds, Black Edition

Blindfolding helps to reduce inhibitions and performance pressure that an individual may have.

Creative Conception You & Me Blindfold

Abandon your inhibitions and let your imagination take over.













We Vibe 4 Plus

This sex toy works like a dildo but is a C-shaped vibrator that fits over a woman’s pubis, simultaneously stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot, yet leaving enough room for penetration. That spells hands-free orgasmic bliss for both partners. It now has an app whereby couples can connect in new exciting ways-whether they are in the same room or in different continents. Here’s to teledildonics!! The woman gets extra stimulation to her clitoris and G spot and together the couple share the vibe. This sex toy takes couples to new heights of pleasure. You can get this sex toy online in India.

We Vibe 4 Plus

Hands-free orgasmic bliss for both partners

We Vibe 4 Plus the ultimate sex toy

It comes with an app whereby couples can connect in new exciting ways

We Vibe 4 Plus

Perfect Gift for your woman



Cock Rings

Cock Rings are sex products that will literally blow you away. They are great for orgasmic pleasure. They can be textured or vibrating. The man wears it and the woman gets stimulated in the right spot. It slows the flow of blood from the erect penis, thus keeping the man harder for longer. When a wearer finally does ejaculate, the sensation is more intense, since it takes a longer time to come, and because the penis is filled with additional blood.

The Screaming O: Ohare - Pink Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring For Men Resuable

They are great for orgasmic pleasure




Lubes or sex lubricants give greater glide during sex, making sex more comfortable and pleasurable. Lubes are used with sex products and condoms as well. Water based lubricants are most commonly used as they are safe to use with latex and don’t cause them to tear unlike oil based lubes. Silicone based lubricants are the latest on the block and are safe to use with condoms. However, they need to be cleaned with soap and water unlike water based lubricants. Various varieties are available online and they are a great way to enhance sexual pleasure.

HOT: GLIDE waterbased Lubricant 100ml

Keep the feeling of love, HOT and sensual, Glide right through the friction with this superior water based lubricant.

Bijoux Indiscrets: Premium Silicone Intimate Gel for Lubrication

Open up your mind and let your body enjoy the sensations of this personal GEL

Pjur: Woman Premium Toy Lube 100ml

Thanks to its creamy consistency, it can be dosed easily.




Dirty Dice

This fun sex product comprises of two dice. One die lists the body parts on which action has to be carried out while the other die determines the action to be carried out. This sex product gives hours of unpredictable sexual fun and foreplay. The roll of the dice may ask you to lick nipples or next roll could ask you to massage the vagina. ..Truly unpredictable all the way!

Creative Conceptions Naughty Nights - Raunchy Dare Dice

Frisky Dare Dice For Couples Who Like Naughty Fun!

The next time you open your drawer nigh to your bed, make sure you find these sex products inside it! There’s no embarrassment in having additional fun!

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