Naughty Games for the Perfect Bedroom Mood!

Natasha Jun 23 2016 at 11:16 AM

Sometimes it is fun to play with your guy to overcome the mundane, boring routine that sex often becomes. Bring out the sexy and adventurous side in your man. Add some bedroom naughtiness to spice up your sex life. Show your man your wild and naughty side with these fun, naughty games.

Role play

Role play is fun and sexy, and can lower your inhibitions which will allow you to enjoy your night of fun naughty game with your partner even more. Initially you may feel a bit silly dressed up but think of all of the fun you can experience with this naughty game. You can fulfill your mans fantasies not only through costume, but by taking on a totally different personality and playing along. Dress up as the sexy policewoman and make him submit to whatever punishment you deem fit. Be the naughty nurse and give him a lethal dose of lust. Or then dress up as the nubile sailor and set off on a voyage of ecstatic unbridled pleasure. Role play adds a naughty and exciting twist to naughty games that you can play with your man.

Spice: 2pc Naughty Nurse Dress & Hat White

Wear this Sexy Nurse Dress and give him a Injection of Love !

Spice: 4 Piece Sexy Policewoman Costume

The law never looked so sexy.

Spice: 2 Piece Bad Teacher Role-Play Costume

Transform your mate into the archetypal ‘Bad Teacher’


Card play

Take a deck cards and assign each suit an action. Like hearts means kissing, diamonds represents massage, clubs is manual stimulation and spades signifies an oral. Pick a card and treat your man to the action you draw. The number on the card refers to how long you have to perform that action. So if you draw 8 of spades, you have to give your man an oral for 8 seconds. Make it naughtier by replacing seconds with minutes.

Moodzz Sexpert Quiz Games

Test of knowledge about love and sexuality

Kheper Games: Beer Card Game

Perfect Combination: Drinks and Love ;)

Creative Conception Domin8 Couple Game

Win the game and your every wish is their command.

Time bomb

Set a time interval say 20 minutes for foreplay. During this interval tease your man, kiss him, do naughty things, give him an oral but strictly no penetration. He’ll be gasping for you. Slowing down the pace really changes things. Once the time interval has elapsed let him in to savage you.

Time Bomb Game to excite your partner

Tease your man, kiss him, do naughty things

Blind man’s bluff

Blindfold your man and lead him to the bed. Perform naughty things on him. Ravish him- slowly, teasingly and aggressively till he wants to explode. Let his arousal guide you to perform. Eliminating the sense of sight heightens all other senses and increases sensitivity and vulnerability.

Creative Conception You & Me Blindfold

The perfect beginner’s blindfold for couples

DONA: Body Topping Honeysuckle 59ml

Delight your lover with DONA Kissable Body Topping.

Fifty Shades of Grey: All Mine Deluxe Blackout Blindfold

enjoy the intensified pleasure that comes with submission.

Restrain him

Handcuff him to the bed. Restrain his legs too with tie ups. Lick him, tickle him with a feather, spank him with a paddle or perform an oral. Let your imagination go wild. Naughtily tease him till he begs for mercy. Show him that you are in control. Restraining him heightens other sensual experiences in this naughty game.

Klife: Feather lure Paddle

A must have for every couple.

Bijoux Indiscrets: Plaisir nacre - White

Bedroom bondage gets hotter with these beautiful faux pearl handcuffs.

Klife: Leopard Handcuff

Surprise and delight your partner with these Leopard faux fur covered handcuffs.

Cool as an ice maiden

Pop an ice cube into your mouth. Make him lie on the bed. Now perform a cool oral on him. Changing sensation from warm to cold heightens the man’s ecstasy. Watch him plead for more and more of this raunchy naughty game.

Pillow fight

Indulge in a fun, intense naked pillow fight where you and your man are both in the nude. The one who loses has to perform a sexual favour for the winner. Sexy naughty games are a great way to spice up your sexual life and keep the fire burning.

Truth or dare 

Truth or dare is one of the sexiest naughty game to take the inhibition out of any couple. Ask a question or a dare to your man and he has to respond to it either by acting it out or answering the question. Or then play the naughty game of erotic dare dice with him. Ask him to roll and you can perform the daring acts on him.

Board game

Board games like 50 Nights of Naughtiness, Strip or Tease, You and Me and many more increase the lust quotient in the bedroom and get your mind and body thinking about sex before you even take your clothes off.

Creative Conceptions You and Me

This Board game will get you in mood… Anytime!

Creative Conceptions Fifty Nights of Naughtiness

50 Erotic surprises and naughty adventures for loving couples who want to play!












Naughty games are created solely for adults to add some zeal to their love making sessions. These naughty games also provide you with novel ideas to make things hotter in bedroom and get you wet with desire. Go ahead, play your naughty game and entice your man into your lusty snare!

Adult games

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