Sex diaries-Navratri dance that turned steamy

Aleena Sep 26 2018 at 8:58 AM

Amazon is a cheater!

Smooth cheater which lures you into pretty colors and flowy ghagras… this a lehenga?

Although it has a deep backless cut just like I wanted, I am not happy with the way this ghagra spills on the floor, I mean come on it should have a bit of asymmetry.

My sister tells me I am being a Queen Bee for no reason and the lehenga is just fine.

Just hours ago I was so excited for the Navratri event that’s going to take place in my colony tomorrow night and now I am sitting here sulking.

Those lights, those decorations…..

The colors and the clothes…..

The smiles and the dance steps….

Gosh I so loved the Navratri function.I couldn’t wait to get ready and shine for the night so I somehow made myself fall asleep.

*Counting sheeps is never fun you see*.

And the following day goes by me trying to figure out the accessories and the makeup shades to go with my lehenga. And oh yeah hairstyles.

I settle for an oxidised statement necklace with oxidised jhumkas and smokey makeup. I tie my hair up in a loose bun and leave out two curly bangs that lightly touch my shoulders.

While I pass my cousin’s bedroom he whistles at me and I make a funny face at him. *Joint family problems*.

My sister compliments me for my glowy, exposed back shining off from the choli and the curve of my lower back that makes me look million times prettier.

I take a final look at myself in the mirror and I can’t wait to go out there, because I totally looked what you would call,

“Dressed to kill”

It’s almost 7 and I ask my sis to hurry up. She’s the typical girl who takes a lot of time to get ready.

I was looking forward to the glitz and glamour ambience. Unlike me, my sister Aparna was going on a hunt for cute guys, I just wanted to be there. And enjoy that moment.

Aparna passed by….and I was like,

“Ooohhhhh someone is gonna get some action tonight”.

Aparna was wearing a really low cut choli with a plunging neckline. Her boobs were popping out of her choli.

Her ghagra hung low on her waist exposing her entire back, unlike me she was tall and pretty slim so her waist was a long one. I was more on the curvy side.

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