[INFOGRAPHICS] Just 10 minutes a day! 3 days of couple bonding activity to know more about the relationship you are in

Aleena Dec 7 2017 at 12:08 PM

Do you sometimes feel a vacuum in your relationship? Some unsaid things just lie between both of you…which you are unable to fathom. Some days you are just left wondering why and what motivated him/her to take that decision.

Building an emotional connection with your partner is a terrific way to ensure a lifetime of solid partnership. But then there exist some obstacles-

-Your partner isn’t expressive

-Either of you doesn’t get time

-You are lacking the emotional connect no matter how hard you try

-There’s never a right time

-Either of you is scared of investing yourself emotionally

-Your relationship is romance-deprived

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Now with ThatsPersonal, zoom past these obstacles smoothly investing just a few minutes of your day on things that matter- to both of you alike. The idea is to focus on you “Both” together, and not just one partner’s likes and dislikes.

When both of you readily take efforts to make your “partnership” work, no power in this world will be able to create differences between you.

*Let alone some random girl in his class*.

Day 1-

Here we start with the basics, things which are very basic and yet many people are unaware about their partner’s take on it. Here we do not go deeply into critical things like

-What’s your aim in life.

-How many kids you would wanna have

-Which city or which career do you wanna settle in?

-Where do you see this relationship going

-How many exes did you have?

Clearly a big NO! There are chances your partner himself haven’t thought about these things.

So the first phase on your bonding activity should be toned down to fun and casual things but yet keeping it between you both. Strictly between you both and not straying away to favorite TV shows and favorite bands.

Questions to ask your partner


DAY 2-

Now is the time to add all other elements into the mix. You can safely move towards the spicy naughty talks and also the deeply affecting talks….but all being in the safe realm.

Questions to ask your partner

Day 3-

By now you both have opened up to each other a lot more than you ever did before. You are open to ask any other questions you might have customized and tailored to your relationship. Just make sure the answers are detailed and expressive enough to make a strong connection.

Questions to ask your partner

 Take on this fun filled activity with your partner and let us know in the comments below  about your lovely experience.

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  • Jumoi-Antonio Reid

    Great article! I plan on using this to get closer to my girlfriend!!!

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