Lust Stories Review- Reasons why I did not like Lust Stories

Aleena Jul 9 2018 at 1:00 PM

This Netflix original instantly became the top of everyone’s watch list due to range of things it promised in its trailer. The trailer held nothing back…..from India’s top class actors to erotic scenes, we were definitely left wanting for more.

Lust Stories trailer was trending on Youtube and people were hyped for it for different reasons- Some for the talented directors, some for the Marathi mulga Akash Thosar, some for Radhika Apte while most for *ahem* Kiara Advani.

While this anthology is getting rave reviews from online critics for shattering the myths revolving desires, herein I’ll be dissecting everything that personally I felt Lust Stories did not live up to.

Here’s everything that went wrong with Lust Stories-

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