Best romantic texts a guy can send his girlfriend (No Quotes No Pinterest)

Aleena Dec 6 2017 at 8:15 AM

Sometimes it takes that one special text to make your girl’s day and keep her gushing for weeks. It may be a long-ass message on special occasions or a random romantic text out of the blue, it actually doesn’t take much to make her day.

Sure you can say I love yous’ thousand times a day but there’s one moment that just hitches the deal and leave her speechless. After which she’ll spend the entire day flaunting your love for her between her girl gang and whatnot. You’ll receive endless awwwwww and that’s not it, the love between you both will be strengthened to unimaginable levels.

If you are the shy guy struggling to come up with a master-stroke text, you are at the right place!

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Here we enlist some heart melting text messages that you can send your girlfriend for a super romantic texting session-

Romantic text sms

You know all that time girls dedicate on beauty blogs and makeup stores, they always wanna look their best. Just let them know they do. With this text at a random time , when she least expects it you are sure to place a crimson blush on her face. Let her know you find her beautiful instead of saying the plain old “You are beautiful” line. Twist it up a bit while you are texting her. Trust us its really special to your gorgeous princess.

Love msg for a girl, love messages, romantic quotes

Thank her for the times she keeps you sane. It takes a very special person to get on your nerves and yet have the potential to fill your heart with love. Her fun teasing antics can drive you bat-shit crazy in her love. It’s time, you let her know!

Love msg for a girl, love messages, romantic quotes

There may be times she is going to question her credibility in your life, the days she was supportive, the days she was not. With this text you are gonna eradicate all those doubts and put her mind to ease. You give her the assurance of whatever the day it is, she is gonna make it better for you. That’s the kind of trust a girl needs!

Love msg for a girl, love messages, romantic quotes

Insecurity is an inbuilt human tendency that no one can dodge through, not even your girlfriend. With this line, she is gonna feel a lot better about herself than she ever did in her life. You assure her of having some precious quality that no other girl can have and that you belong to her forever. It will fill her heart with immense love for you and her respect for you will increase leaps and bounds. No better way than expressing your loyalty to your girlfriend than this.

Love msg for a girl, love messages, romantic quotes

Let’s face it. Cheesy is a cliche but cliche exists for a reason. Everyone appreciates cheesiness in love once in a while. Although your girlfriend has given in to your charm and agreed to be yours, you can express your astonishment at it. Through this romantically cheesy text, you throw a hint at how much better she deserves and she’s worth a lot more.

Love msg for a girl, love messages, romantic quotes

Everyone carries their share of flaws and imperfections. It takes a special person to view you as an entirely complete package of good stuff. With this text, be that person for your girlfriend. Let her know that her tiny imperfections do not matter to you and you see her as a completely flawless person inside-out. It feels extremely great to be a good human being. Compliment her for being one.

Love msg for a girl, love messages, romantic quotes

And lastly, nothing expresses better than a heartfelt Thank You at a random time, that too for agreeing to share a part of her and her life with you.

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