This love story will make you forget Christian Grey!

Aleena Jan 18 2018 at 5:55 AM

Hello People, how are you folks doing today? They say rich and wealthy people don’t have any love nor affection. All they care about is their status. But, don’t judge a book by its cover. There’s a lot to it, than what meets the eye. And that’s why, Thatspersonal brings you a true story of a millionaire, who’s name, we were asked not to reveal did something magical and amazing for his girl, who’s name again we can not reveal. Let’s just call him Mr. Unknown. And her Ms. Unknown.

Let’s go a little back in time now, shall we?

Mr. Unknown had a long week in the States, cracking a deal with his soon to be partner in America. Mr. Unknown had the knack of influencing people. If he sets his mind on something, then nothing would ever stop him from achieving it. Every 10th of the month, without fail, he would go to this park which was two blocks away from his house.

8th of January, and Mr. Unknown was on the way to India. He could hardly control his excitement and was all set to go to the park. Just two days more. As soon as he reached India. He went to the orphanage and donated a generous contribution.

9TH night finally in his house, he freshens up and grabs a Corona from the fridge and switches on the television.

And 10th arrives, the most anticipated day of the month is here. And Mr. Unknown doesn’t waste even a minute and gets into his casual jeans and tee. And hits the road to the park.

Sipping his ice tea, he waits for her to arrive. At 9am, there she comes gracefully, with a couple of children. Her smile, eyes, hair and just about everything sets a blaze in his heart. Mr. Known has been coming to this park for the last 5 months and yet doesn’t have the courage to go up to her and introduce himself.  He is so lost in her beauty and perfection the he keeps sipping the empty ice tea bottle. One of the children with Ms. Unknown notices him sipping an empty bottles and laughs, drawing the other children’s and Ms. Unknown’s attention towards him. She looks at him and gives him a “what are you doing?” look. And he quickly realizes what is he doing. He then goes up to the children and her and sums up the courage to talk to her. He just manages to say “I was just adoring the beauty this place has to offer Miss.” She replies with a smile “And that’s why you come every 10th of the month and sit in the same bench over there and keep sipping an empty ice tea bottle?” Mr. Unknown just manages to say “Yes Ma’am” They both laugh and they start a conversation by sharing their names. Ms. Unknown is pursuing her degree in Mass Media. Mr. Unknown doesn’t reveal what does he do for a living and just says that he is in to research and development. She tells him that she was an orphan herself and she feels that orphans do have a life too and hence every 10th of the month she takes these children out to the park and try to put a smile on their faces.

Mr Unknown is touched by this and his love for her just doubled. Mr. Unknown had a knack of influencing people but here to influence Ms. Unknown was a tough task for him. He nervously asks whether he can meet her later in the evening, if at all she is free. Ms. Unknown agrees. After their talk, they bid good bye. He later calls his PA and asks her to get him the details of all the orphanages in town. The PA gets back with the same and states that there are 7 orphanages in town. He gets the address of all 7. He quickly changes, puts his suit on and gets in his lavish Ford Mustang and drives to the first Orphanage and makes a contribution of 2 lakhs. Drives to the second orphanage and makes a contribute of 2 lakhs 10 thousand. Likewise he goes to the next 5 orphanage and increases his contribution by 10 thousand. He has a wide smile of his face and goes to his Towers and gets along with work.

Evening is here and he is all set to have dinner with Ms. Unknown. He changes into his Casuals. And walks to the park where they decided to meet. She comes yet again with the same grace. She smiles and tells him “You forgot the empty ice tea bottle.” They walk to the restaurant in the avenue and she tells him that a generous man made a contribution of 2 lakhs 40 thousand to the orphanage. He thinks to himself “So it’s the 5th one” He smiles and says “God bless that man and let him get the girl of his dreams.” She bursts out laughing and says “You are one hilarious guy” They go to the restaurant and have dinner.

75 dinners later, Mr. Unknown thinks it’s time to tell her the truth and propose her. As they had become pretty close and Ms. Unknown was quite free and comfortable with him. 10th was approaching and he decided to go the orphanage and brief the children up about the plan. The children were pretty close to him as well. 10th early morning he gets up at 3 am. Gets ready. Puts up his best suit on and drives to the orphanage. Mr. Unknown and the children are all set for Ms. Unknown to arrive.

Ms. Unknown walks in and there she the children holding up a sign “It’s all up to you that whether that man should receive his blessing or no… Please let him receive his blessing. Even if it’s a no, he wont take the contribution back.” And then she sees another group of children holding up a sign up saying “If it’s yes then please turn to your left and finish the ice tea bottle that the “suit guy is holding for the past 5 minutes. P.S it’s very difficult you know to hold the cold ice tea bottle” She looks and she sees him. He is standing there holding the ice tea bottles. Its him and she is surprised to the core. She runs to him and her eyes are wet. She hugs him and his heart starts racing. He whishpers “Is that a yes?” She just takes the ice tea bottles and sips it. “That answers your question Mr. Unknown?”  The same day they take the children out for a treat and then he introduces her to his life and company. And then the big day arrives and they live happily ever after and forever in love.

So readers don’t just come up with assumptions as Love exists in the hearts of the wealthy and the rich as well.

Here’s ThatsPersonal wishing you a very Happy and Loving Valentines!


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