Sensual Massage Tricks to set her in the Right Mood

Natasha Jul 13 2016 at 7:23 AM

A sensual massage is a great way to bond with your partner and increase the level of intimacy. It is a very personal experience and is a great way to relax and relieve stress. A sensual massage focuses on the partner’s erogenous zones to give orgasmic results. It is a highly sensual and erotic way to unwind. Massage is almost like sex without penetration. Massage is part of foreplay and is one of the important aspects of pleasing your woman.

Set the Mood

Dim the lights (maybe candle light), soften the music, introduce aromatic fragrance in the air, regulate the room temperature so that’s it’s not too cold or too hot, set up soft towels for massage. All these things help to create the perfect sensual ambience.

Set the Mood

Aromatic Candles to make it Special

Massage oil

Massage oil is the most important aspect of sensual massage. A wide array of aromatic sensuous massage oils, massage gels and massage candles from brands like Sensuous, Shunga, Lelo, Dona and Bijoux Indiscrets are readily available online. Sensual massage oils help you calm down and lower her inhibitions so that both of you can try out something new and sexy in the bedroom. Aphrodisiac massage oils intensify sensations and prolong pleasure.

Bijoux Indiscrets: Massage Candle

A truly sensuous glide for your lady

Shunga: Massage Candle Premium Aphrodisia Roses

This soy based ambiance candle and intimate massage oil.

Shunga: Sensation Lavender Erotic Massage Oil

Lavender is one of nature’s most potent de-stressing oils


Start with the back region

Have your woman lie flat on the stomach with her face down and her arms stretched straight back or then bent forwards, whatever suits her. Straddle her. Take some warm massage oil in palms or warm the massage oil by rubbing. Massage gently from neck downwards to lower back in gentle circling motions. Massage the shoulders gently to destress her. With slight pressure, glide hands gently up her back, to the neck and along her shoulder blades. Starting at her lower back, place your thumbs on each side of her spine and slowly rub your thumbs into the muscles, avoiding direct contact with her spine. Let the hands wander downward for a tease, and then back up, going lower and lower every time you return. This part of the back is fleshier than other part of the back, so applying more massage oil can make it easier to slowly massage. Then move gradually to the buttocks. A woman’s buttock is a highly erotic area. Massage of this area is perfect for a romantic foreplay. With some massage oil in palms move around in circular motions to give her that sensual experience.

Start with the back region

Back Massage is perfect for a romantic foreplay.

Frontal area

Turn your partner over now and with her eyes closed massage her breasts, stomach, arms and thighs. Her inner thighs are her highly sensual areas. She will be highly pleased upon massaging. Soften your hands with massage oil, then start rubbing her feet. There are thousands of nerve endings in the soles which can stimulate upon touch and arouse the woman. Massage each foot and move upto the thighs which are highly erogenous area. A breast massage can be highly arousing for the woman usually leading to sex. Start gently and then build the pressure. Caress every nook of the breast and end with the nipples.

Frontal area

A breast massage can be highly arousing for the woman usually leading to sex.

The Erotic Zone

After a great sensual rubdown with massage oil, proceed to her most intimate area- the vagina. Stroke the area surrounding the vagina, building up her anticipation. Upon sufficient arousal gently massage the clitoris. If she’s dry don’t hesitate to use a lubricant. Hear her moan with pleasure. Use fingers and stimulate her G spot while stimulating clitoris with other hand.

The Erotic Zone

Hear her moan with pleasure.

Go Kinky

A sensual massage can be kinky too. Add some BDSM accessories like blindfolds so that she doesn’t know what you are going to do to her next, ticklers to arouse her and restrain her with cuffs while giving the sensual massage. Even a personal massager can elicit orgasmic results from her.

Go Kinky

Make your massage kinky.

A sensual massage is all about exploring your woman’s body. Let your woman’s reactions dictate your next move.

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