Sex Lubricants – All you need to know!

Aleena May 16 2014 at 2:41 AM

Sex Lubricants – All you need to know!

Sex Lubricants, or Sex lubes are meant to neutralize any friction arising during the act of sexual intercourse. Sex Lubricants are either water or silicone based and are available in a number of flavors and sensation (warming, cooling and tingling) variants. Before actually purchasing a sex lubricant however, it is but natural that a new user would have a volley of questions about them. Here is a list of questions about what sex lubricants are, the way to use them and the different types of them available.

A word to the wise: Like any other product that is used on the skin, it is advisable to do a sensitivity test with sex lubricants as well. Dab a little bit of lube on your wrist. Wait for about half and hour, if the area hasn’t turned red, or shows no signs of irritation, you can consider it safe for use. If however, there are signs of irritation, please desist from using the product immediately.

What are sex lubricants?

“Sex Lubricants: Any substance that reduces friction between two moving parts.” That’s the classic definition of what sex lubricants are. In sexual terms, a sex lubricant is any fluid that helps decrease the friction caused during penetration, between the male and female sex organs.

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Why do you need it?  Let’s just say that a sex lube helps keep sex pleasurable, rather than a painful, friction filled experience. A woman’s vagina, naturally secretes a lubricant when she’s sufficiently stimulated. These sex lubricants helps deepen the man’s penetration, which in turn leads to greater pleasure in the sex act. Sometimes a woman’s vagina does not secrete the requisite amount of lubrication, resulting in a painful sensation for both partners. That’s when personal sex lubricants are vital to ensure a pleasant, friction-less sexual experience. Lubes are also used to add a new dimension of pleasure, fun and naughtiness to the act of sex.

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What else are sex lubricants good for? Either silicone or water based, most sex lubes help retain moisture, are excellent for massage, stave off infections and heighten the sexual experience.

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Water and silicone sex lubricants, which should be used and when? Excellent question. Let’s just say, you want to get freaky with your partner in the bathtub or shower, we recommend using a silicone based lubricant. Quite simply because water-based lubes often times dissipate or get dissolved in water. At all other times, water-based lubes can be used without hesitation. Silicone-based sex lubricants offer greater smoothness and need to used less often as they do not evaporate easily.

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What are the other types of sex lubricants? There exist several types of sex lubricants, for example, warming and cooling, these lubes recreate a warming and cooling sensation on application. There are also flavored sex lubricants that enhance the oral sex experience for both partners.

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Other than intercourse, what else can sex lubricants be used for? Sexual intercourse isn’t the only activity, lubricants can be used for. Lubes can be used in massage (leaving the recipients skin supple and glowing), oral sex (flavored lubricants) as well as masturbation (in order to reduce friction)

Sex lubricants are a great way to add a new dimension to your lovemaking ‘routine’. Try these with condoms for greater penetration, or for massage and mutual masturbation, either way, you will enjoy a sensation that you have never experienced before.

Until the next time, don’t let the sun set on love!

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