Sex By Numbers In India – Part 1 – ThatsPersonal

Natasha Jun 6 2016 at 11:57 AM

Did you know Maharashtra ranks number 1 in terms of sales of adult products? Did you know sex lubricant is the most used adult sex products in India? India Exposed unravels sex habits of Indians. Following survey shows sex toys buying habits of Indians. As many Indians prefer buying sex toys online than at physical stores. But Indians don’t shy away from buying adult sex toys, condoms, lubricants for sex, role play costumes, erotic lingerie, edible lingerie etc on an online platform. The survey shows the sex habits and consumption of sex toys according to regions, states, gender, age, festivals etc. Following is the first installment of Sex By Numbers in India -

Sex By Numbers In India - Part 1 -That's Personal

Learn more about sex habits and consumption of sex products of Indians in Sex by numbers in India Part 2. Let’s strip the sexy secrets of India slowly in the next part.

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