New Year sex resolutions- Sex positions ideas to try this year

Aleena Dec 30 2017 at 11:02 AM

What better way is there to start the new year with pleasure and naughtiness?

Here at ThatsPersonal, we give you some wild and most importantly pleasurable sex resolutions that you and your partner must try and make it a point to execute them in bed.

Topping our list is,

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1. The Backdoor Oral.

Very sure all you folks might be aware and well versed with how to eat your girl’s vagina from the front and give her an amazing orgasm

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Here’s how it works. Let your girl relax and lie down on her stomach. Being a master with foreplay would really be a plus point over here, take our word on it here. To make her feel comfortable and asking you for more, place a soft pillow just underneath her hips so that her butt is elevated and it becomes easier for you to dig right into her vulva. Eating your girl’s vagina from behind allows you to insert your finger(s) in her vagina too simultaneously.

2. Swallow him in, girl.

Here’s to those girls who think twice whether to swallow his cum when he ejaculates or just let him shoot his load elsewhere on your body. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you cuties are missing a lot. If you are worried about the texture and taste of it. Then you can always ask him to have a healthy diet that includes, fruits, milk, and vegetarian food. Also, remind him to drink a hell lot of water. When you are ready to all of it in, just make sure your guy stays away from any sort of alcohol and caffeine products, as that would end up making his semen taste bitter.

3. The double-decker rush.

Start out with the reverse cowgirl position. Once you and your partner are in that position, let your girl lean back until her elbows are rested on the mattress. Her butt should be facing your chest and her arms supporting her body weight. On the other hand, you will be holding her waist for better thrusting and balance just in case if she loses hers in the course.

4. 69.

What’s better than the new year’s number 2018? Yup, the legendary and ever so pleasing, the 69!! A must try position for all you. Make it a point that you couples do the 69 as it drains you, satisfies you and fills you up with each other’s goodness.

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5. Feast on those nipples.

All you guys out there, as the new starts with a bang, you better start your bang with a feast. And by feast, we mean, feast on your girl’s boobs and nipples. As past studies show that biting and having your girl’s nipples in your mouth is a major turn on and she’ll be damn glad to return the favor down there. Be rough and an animal with her nipples. Show no mercy fellas in this particular resolution.

So enjoy and better keep those resolutions until next time.


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