10 sex products you MUST pack for your honeymoon for *more* sex!

Aleena Sep 26 2017 at 5:05 AM

Racing heartbeats… Screenshots of exotic locations…. Excitement skyrocketing….Bags overflowing….If that`s you listen up, put on your hearing aids because we give you tips none of you will be able to resist on your honeymoon. Bring life to those kinky moves you have been imagining in your head while flipping through the second edition of Fifty shades and elevate your honeymoon experience to even more *hotter* levels.

1. Spencer Honk If You are Horny Honking Device

What`s better than knowing your partner wants to have you….*right now*. As wild it is while imagining it’s even better when performed and this sex tool does just that!

Available in two honeymooning color variants, this “Honk if you are horny” toy makes the turn on mood whole lot of fun.

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2. Kheper Games Rose Petal Seductions

One of the reviews on this product says “we were speechless yet said everything”. This simple sentence speaks volume; with four words the entire value of the product is captured.

Rose petal seduction game comes with lots of reusable rose petals to fling romance in the air and 200 suggestions for sensual seduction for the wild night to be followed. You can set a trail or just spread it out, choice is yours *wink*


3. KamaSutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack

If you can’t decide on a single condom variant or flavor, this is the product for you.  This value for money package comes with kinky tools like feather teaser, dice and blindfolds and this is just not it! It includes a range of condom variants for your surprised-filled night. What`s not to like here!

4. Beginners Delay Kit

For the couple who doesn’t want their honeymoon to *ever* end. This easy-to-use kit is the reliable solution for that stay long power you always wanted to have. It provides sexy sensations at a higher level of intensity and overall elevates the excitement quotient.

5. Klife Black angel Sexy Lingerie Wear for Woman

For the love of black, this sensual lingerie makes all the difference in your body making you the girl of his dreams. Coupled with a black G-string, this piece of lingerie makes you irresistibly tantalizing and sexier than you ever thought!

6. Creative Conceptions the Path to Pleasure

If you have always wished to play the gaming giant Dungeons and Dragons, this is the adult game set for you! This game is all about the journey you take and the fun you have meandering through it. Every square you reach has an intimate question or a sexy move for you to perform for each other and have fun together.

7. Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger

Calling out all the Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele fans, this faux leather flogger whip comes with a black and silver metallic finish to deliver wild stings on your partner`s body. It satisfies all your submissive fantasies and brings alive the Christian Grey is you.

8. ThatsPersonal Super Man and Super Woman Costume Set

We all have been obsessed with superheroes as a child and men still are! This costume sets your carnal appetite on fire and allows you to bring your dream fantasy to life. Your super diva and superhero will have their eyes burning with desire.

9. Spencer Candy Bra for Woman

Who said bras were meant to be removed and thrown away? With Spencer`s naughty bra stay ready for a delicious naughty twist to your regular lovemaking routine. Decorated with bright colored candies, this edible bra is sure to leave both of you wanting for more.

10. JO ALL IN ONE Silicone Based Warming Massage Glide Kit

Sensual massages are one of the sexy things to be ticked off from a couple`s bucket list at least once in their lives. And nothing could be better than this “All-in-one” massaging kit designed for a couple who is a beginner when it comes to experimenting in the bedroom.


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