Sex Story- Quickie with my sister’s friend

Aleena Aug 1 2018 at 1:05 PM

My sister had a habit of bringing a lot of her friends home.

We were habitual of seeing at-least one of her friend coming home every evening. And as usual I had to put on a fake smile and greet them Hi. Some of her friends used to get back to me by saying “Hey Rahul” while some didn’t and just smiled.

One fine rainy day my sister had brought along a friend of hers.

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Seeing them all drenched in the rain I offered a towel. Radhika, my sister grabbed it from my hand while her friend just smiled and said “Crazy rains ha”.


I couldn’t help but be dazed in her beauty and I must admit that I checked her out as her clothes were stuck to her body.

Radhika gave her the towel, she wiped herself and then she asked me…

“What do you do for a living?”

To which I replied,

“I am a freelance writer”

She gave me a wink and said

“That’s superb. I have a thing for writers u know.”

Radhika just had to come up with something and said,

“Neha he sleeps and writes that’s his only routine”

To this, they both chuckled disappearing to my sister’s bedroom.

I couldn’t help but fantasize about Neha. Her perfect body was on my mind. I could see that the bulge in my pants was getting bigger.

I heard Radhika shouting

“Bro take care of Neha, I am picking up another friend of mine. I’ll b back with her in 30 mins.”

I was excited and yet kinda freaking nervous about being with Neha. I somehow managed to sum up the courage and went to my sister’s room. There I saw Neha still drying her hair. She noticed me and said,

“Stop fucking me with your eyes dude!”

To which I quickly blurted it out,

“No.. I.. wasn’t.. I just came to..”

Before I could complete she bursted out laughing and said that she was kidding. She walked towards me and said,

“But I wouldn’t mind.. I know you were checking me out. You’re very bad at hiding things especially this bulge of yours”

She had her hands on my bulge. She was gently rubbing it. I couldn’t move , I didn’t want to move. She opened the zip and took my dick out and began stroking my dick. While she was stroking it she was telling me that she didn’t have sex for a long time and she was longing to fuck.

Hearing this, I hardly managed to say anything and just submitted myself to her. I removed her tee and the next thing I know we were on the bed.

We were in the 69 position. She had her pants on though. She asked me to grab her ass and to spank her as hard as I could while she had her way with my dick. She was amazing with her mouth and with her boobs. She gave me a boob job until I let go of all of me on her.

Even after that she sucked me hard one last time.

With my cum still on her boobs, she didn’t bother to wipe it. She just put her tee on and winked at me. My annoying sister was back. Neha left her number on a note that was in my pocket saying,

“Can’t wait for the next round. By the way u need to eat me next time;)”


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