I was at home longing and desperate…..

Aleena Jul 25 2018 at 6:28 AM

It was his idea to book a vibrator that day. I wasn’t so sure. Being raised up in an Indian household, one of the things I thought I would never do was use a sex toy.

Hearing my friends gushing about its power definitely piqued my interest and I didn’t stop him from buying that vibrator that day. He was beyond excited to use it once it arrives.

The night we used it opened up a whole new dimension in our sex life of 3 years.

Weeks and months passed with this essential piece of toy that takes satisfying and pleasure to a whole new level. Our sex life was at its peak with the vibrator introduced in our lives.

The nights were wild but the day was quite the opposite. My husband as usual was dealing with his clients in this office and I was at home longing and desperate to experience that sort of pleasure.

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