Sex Tips- Indians girls reveal what they want in bed

Aleena Jul 26 2018 at 12:38 PM

Every woman is different. Period.

They have their own set of joys and quirks, tastes and choices……

When it comes to getting intimate, the situation is no different. Read on to know what different girls like in bed and which ones you can start implementing right away!

1) ” Push me against the wall “

As much as you want to take me to the bed and cuddle me.

Once in awhile I would really appreciate some uninhibited passion like abruptly pushing me to the wall when I least expect it.

Hold my waist and pin me to the wall….smash your lips to mine….give a gentle squeeze to the curve of my waist…..then force your tongue in my mouth…feel your curves with your hands.

Let your boner poke my pants.

Yeah that’s my fantasy right there.

- Neha, 22

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