A Sex Toy for Every Occasion

Natasha May 12 2016 at 11:46 AM

I recently met a high-flying private equity personality who is raved about on Social Media and told him that the greatest innovation shall come in the area and field of sex-tech and sex toys! He started to wonder about my mental health till I enlightened him with some unreal innovations in this field. Despite miniscule amounts of investment in this industry globally, the amount of innovation that has happened is more than exemplary. With a lot of monetary eyes turning towards this sector, we’re not too far off from serious path breaking innovation coming through from this industry.

While the innovation space of the sex-tech industry assesses and reassesses it itself and tries to up the ante, I shall take you through some ridiculously innovative sex toys that meet the needs of various types of sexual desires. If you’re not amazed by the time you end up reading this piece, I’m ready to show these innovations in person like I did with the private equity person I was talking about. If, even, that doesn’t convince you, well nothing else will! Read on to know about the most astonishing innovations of self-pleasure below:

A Sex Toy for Every Occasion!

Sex Toy for a Night of Luxurious Ecstasy – LELO: Smart Wand:

LELO is the world’s leading designer brand for intimate lifestyle products including both male sex toys and female sex toys. LELO products are ostensibly and outrageously expensive but that’s what defines them. Highly up-market designs and impeccable quality defines all LELO products. This particular sex toy is cordless and can be pretty much used on any part of the body including the parts that you really wish to use it for ;). What makes it an out-of-the- world purchase is its sleek design and the intense luxurious pleasure that it provides. With 8 different powerful and exotic massage patterns, it qualifies as a must do before you die experience for ladies who wish to spend a night of luxurious ecstasy.

smart_wand_large_contentsimage_white-edited smart_wand_large_outerboximage_white-edited smartwand_l_ivory_pers-edited

Sex Toy for the best oral sex of your life – LELO: Ora 2 Oral Vibrator:

ORA 2 allows you to melt into a moment of genuine bliss. This is an award winning sex toy that you can buy online in India for women who will settle for nothing less than the best oral sex of their life. This is the world’s most intelligent oral sex simulator, offering a thrilling, teasing and better-than-real sensation of oral sex that will have you coming back for more each and every time!

lelo_ora_2_-_midnight_blueORA_Product-2_MidnightBlue ORA2_Packaging_MidnightBlue

Sex Toy for the most ‘shocking’ sexual experience – Jimmy Jane Hello Touch X Finger Vibrator:

Introducing the first product in the world that puts vibration and electrostimulation at your fingertips. The perfect way to dabble in electro stimulation, HELLO TOUCH X offers two sensations in one product – powerful vibration or electro stimulation. And what’s more, it delivers sensations anywhere your hands would like to roam ;)! As versatile and mobile as your fingers, HELLO TOUCH X lets you massage, pinch and pleasure unlike any other pleasure product. Are you ready for this ‘shocking’ experience yet?

jimmyjane-hello-touch-xjimmyjane-hello-touch-x-vibrator-estim-features_copy jimmyjane-hello-touch-x-vibrator-product-b_copy

Sex Toy for the long distance sex experience – We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection Set:

We-Vibe Passionate Play collection comprises the world’s no. 1 couples vibrator, world’s most powerful mini-vibe and a playful silky sash! The best part is with We-Vibe 4 Plus you can use it together or when you’re apart and even when you’re in different continents! With the We-Connect App, you can connect the We-Vibe 4 Plus with your smartphone, create vibration playlists and connect with your partner from across the room or from a different continent. Try Remote Sex, Now!

passionate-play-box-open-2400-wm_1 passionateplay-full-group_iphone6-splash-1200_1 passionate-play-ribbon-w-products-lifestyle-v2400-wm_1

Sex Toy for the best self-pleasure experience while bathing – Revel Full Body Sonic Massager:

The Revel Body Sonic Massager is the first product to feature True Sonic technology and is unlike any other massager on the market today. The unique silhouette was designed with every woman in mind. Its spherical shape makes it easy to handle while bathing, and allows it to sit on your nightstand or soap stand without raising any eyebrows. Designed to provide years of pleasure, the Revel Body is made using a True Sonic resonating motor and only the highest quality materials including body-safe silicone and is completely waterproof. If you’re already fantasizing a sexy shower time, don’t prolong your wait. It’s totally worth it!

41MYiR2ynBL._AC_UL320_SR276,320_ 71z08kHjH0L._SX522_ revbel-body-sonic-vibrator

Sex Toy for a Music Filled Sex Night – Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe:

The World’s first Smart Mini-Vibe is a new, discreet sensual vibrator device. Pair it with the magic motion of an iOS device and a night of a life-time. Control the motion of your new best friend via music, voice, remote chatting or even with a game! Toggle between 7 unique vibration patterns and get ready to have a night of a lifetime with this delightfully super sex toy! Flirt with your partners remotely by Skype, Line or We Chat and enjoy remote touch from anywhere! ; P

magic-motion-smart-mini-vibe-pinkmagic-motion-smart-mini-vibe-pink magic-motion-smart-mini-vibe-pink

Sex Toy for the longest lasting portable pleasure – Iroha by Tenga Portable Intimate Massager:

Smaller than the palm of your hand, this compact massager provides portable pleasure for up to 5 hours on a single AAA battery! Pleasant to the eyes and to the touch the Iroha mini are small best friends that ladies can carry everywhere! The fact this naughty portable best friend is also waterproof is an added advantage. Carry it anywhere, any time and forget worrying about it! With a range of vibrations and rhythmic patterns, you can make your portable fun powerful and naughty!


Sex Toy for masquerading pleasure – Discreet Vibrators by The Screaming O:

Keeping a secret never felt so good! Short self-indulgence while travelling or in office or on the highway could never be so good! The best part is the Mascara or the Lipstick look of these vibrators cover for your embarrassment. (if you feel embarrassed, that is!; P) Both of them are customized for targeted stimulation right where it counts. Its whisper-quiet motor buzzes at 3 strong speeds with a bonus pulsating tease mode!

The Screaming O Lipstick Massager For Women The Screaming O: Mascara Wand Massager The Screaming O Lipstick Massager For Women

I’m sure by now you would be convinced about the craziness of innovations that come out in the sex toys sphere! Till next time, when we come back with more such naughty features. Stay healthy. Don’t stop having fun though! ; P


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    good news how i got sex toys my cell no is *******. i am alone and shy hence avoid to go shops . I lost my wife 15 years ago SO I WANT SOMETHING EXCITED

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