Reasons you shouldn’t be embarrassed to use a sex toy

Natasha Jun 3 2016 at 12:20 PM

There may be times when we are unhappy with. Nothing can stop us from bringing happiness unto ourselves. We deserve it. We owe it to ourselves. Likewise nothing should keep us from staying sexually happy and satisfied. We deserve it.

Sex toys have become mainstream and sex is no longer taboo. Nothing should keep us from expressing our sexuality freely.

Sex toys have amazing mental and sexual benefits. When used along with a partner or even alone sex toys can have orgasmic results. They help the man to aid his woman reaching climax faster thus proving sexually gratifying and satisfying for both partners. Sex toys like vibrators help in reaching orgasm faster. Orgasm releases chemicals which prove to be stress busters and help induce sleep. Thus they have health benefits too.

Sex toys help making your woman happy as she is sexually satisfied. This improves the confidence of the partner as he has been able to satisfy his mate. This self confidence induces a positive approach in dealing with sex and will spill outside the bedroom in other day to day matters too.

When the woman is happy and satisfied so is the man. Keeping her happy use sex toys if needed. You will be assured that she needn’t turn to anyone else for her satisfaction, thus keeping the marriage happy and safe. Usage of sex toys in India has become very common among adults.

70% of women find it hard to orgasm without clitoral stimulation even if their partner is very giving. The partner will stimulate with fingers or tongue but the pressure of trying to satisfy the woman can really get to him if it takes too long. Using a sex toy like a vibrator can really ease the pressure of the man and satisfy the woman at the same time. This way both parties are happy and satisfied and this can open all kinds of doors to orgasming with your partner in general.

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Exploring with sex toys not only opens up a whole new world for both partners but also helps them develop a sexual bond. You will never forget the orgasmic satisfaction that first dildo gave you while receiving the oral. There are sex toys which your partner can control from across the room or even the globe. And then there are restrainers and whips and blindfolds for those wanting to heighten their ecstasy. You'll never forget the experience of your first sex toy with your partner.

In fact if one is embarrassed to visit the sex toy store alone, do it with your partner. It will help you develop a sexual bond and have some fun at the same time too. You could together discuss which sex toy would suit you’ll. Or you can buy sex toys online as well.

Instead of considering sex toys to be a threat and a replacement, consider them to be an enhancement. A variety of toys like cock rings, vibrators, blindfolds can be used along with intercourse. The sex toys add extra stimulation to the already exciting clitoral orgasm and in no way take the place of traditional lovemaking.

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Always remember that a sex toy can never replace you. There is no need to feel threatened by the sex toy. A sex toy can never provide the intimacy and warmth that you can provide your partner. It can only enhance her satisfaction.

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