Bedroom fashion to seduce your partner! Jun 8 2016 at 10:29 AM

Seduction is an art. It can make your partner go crazy about you. Use it correctly in the right direction and with a positive attitude to add great vigor to your relationship. Sexy lingerie and erotic lingerie are simple bedroom fashion techniques to seduce your partner. Sexy lingerie can be a huge turn on for men. These days you can easily find very different and unique types of not just women’s lingerie but also sexy men’s underwear which accentuate the body in a rather alluring and tempting way. Traditionally, erotic lingerie was designed keeping women in mind as they were the ones thought to know art of seduction. But today men have learnt the art of seduction too to give their women that additional bit of pleasure. That is why today there exists not just erotic lingerie but sexy and sexy men’s innerwear too woo the woman.

Certain thumb rules for women when you think of donning sexy lingerie:

Keep it simple

Men don’t like to struggle when undressing their woman. Keep your sexy lingerie simple enough for the man to unclasp. He wouldn’t want to fumble over undressing the woman and end up being embarrassed. 75% of men prefer simple lingerie over complicated elaborate ones.

Klife: Sexy Black Bra & Panty Klife: Charming Black Teddy Klife: Baby Doll Blue

Black out

60% of men prefer black erotic lingerie. Red comes in second. Sheer, lace any material will do. Black has that seducing effect on men. Black has always been a sexy classy colour.

Klife: Black Angel Dress Sexy Lingerie Wear For Woman Klife: Black lace chemise ribbon NGalo: Fringed Halter Babydoll with g-string

Lace it

60% of men find lace sexy and seductive. Combine it with black colour option then you have a win-win situation. Sheer and satin are other options for sexy lingerie materials. Leather features bottom on the list.

Klife: Blue lace chemise Klife: Aqua lace transparent chemise Klife: Pink lace transparent chemise

Less is more

90% men are of the opinion that the more skin they see, the better it is. So the bottom line is that if you wish to seduce your man, just reveal!

Magic Silk Peek-a-Boo Bra & Crotchless Thong Black Klife: Lady in Black Sexy Lingerie Wear For WomanHustler: 3PC Peek-a-boo Garter Set


According to men, thongs are the most sexy and erotic lingerie from the available options. Thongs really turn men on. Boy shorts are favourable too. Men also like tanga panties which are a cross between thongs and a bikini.

Spice Satin Crotchless Thong Women Underwear Light Blue Klife: Red Lace Straps Butterfly Thong NGalo: Gorgeous Thong attached Suspenders Belt White

Cleavage fun

Guys love the plunge of cleavage. It really excites them. Cleavage bearing exciting sexy lingerie is a hit with them. Pushed up bras, padded bras are also a turn on.

Ruby: Bamboo Charcoal Body ShaperSpice: Mesh and Rhinestone Backless Dress Spice: 3pc corset & panties &stockings Black

Role play costumes

Role play costumes are a super hit with men. Dress up as the sexy sailor or the luscious maid. Or be the provocative nurse. Fantasise and be all that you wish and entice your man into your snare. Watch him drool for more.

Enough about turning the men on. It’s time we pay attention to the women. Erotic men’s underwear is not a distant dream any more. Men’s underwear can be categorised into the following types:

Spice: 2 Piece Sexy Sailor Role-Play Costume Spice: 4pc School Girl Role-Play Costume for Woman Klife: Cheer Leader


Briefs are usually thought of as casual men’s underwear but some of them have certain variations that put them in the sexy and kinky category. One of these variations is when the underwear has a natural pouch that is sticking outwards. This further outlines the individual genital organs and gives them an enhanced and a very appealing look.

Blue Line: Performance Microfiber Low-Profile Jock Strap Hustler: Wet look thong BlackManstore: Tower String

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs also have a variation which makes them look sexy. They too have an extended crotch area or in some cases can have a peep hole at the front or back.

Blue Line: Performance Microfiber Trunk Navy Blue Blue Line: Performance Microfiber ShortMale Power: Mini Short Black

Thongs and strings

These are every woman’s fantasy. They cover the crotch leaving everything else exposed. Jock straps are provided in case the man is embarrassed to expose the buttocks which droop or sag. The straps are attached to inside of underwear to support the buttocks. They make buttocks look tight and taut and boost the self confidence of the man.

Magic Silk G-strings & Boy Shorts Mesh Crotchless Boy Short Magic Silk: G-strings & Boy Shorts Lace Crotchless G-string Lime Queen Size Klife: Strings Teddy Black

Role play

Like women even men can dress in kinky role play costumes. They can be the seductive priest or the hot and sexy doctor or maybe the provocative policeman all set to capture the woman’s heart,

Spice: 2 Piece Super Man set Spice: 3 piece Waiter Set Role-Play Costume for Man Spice: 2Piece Policeman Set

There is no dearth of bedroom fashion to seduce your partner.

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