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Sexy corsets online in India

Everything you would want to Know about Corsets

A corset is a piece of clothing worn to hold and train the upper body into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes Corsets existed for centuries and were probably the first existing lingerie. Over the years corset designs have undergone several changes but the purpose of wearing it still stays the same. Corsets till date highlight the female figure and provide…

Indian woamen on sex, size and orgasm!

Indian Women on Sex, Size and Orgasm!

To quote Vidya Balan from her appearance on the Koffee With Karan couch, It’s a false notion that men need sex more than women. According to a research, A woman’s sexual motives are primarily driven by love and commitment. But latest findings reveal that, Women have sex for the same reasons as men – pure pleasure. In…

The Kiss and Break Up!

10 signs that Your Partner is being Unfaithful with You!

We have all heard about cheating partners. But how do you know if someone is cheating on you? Well we’re here so you don’t find out the hard way. Make sure that you’re something more than a role play costume or another sex accessory. Love is blind, you, don’t have to be. Look out for…

First Impression

Tips On How To Make A Good First Impression

While human beings are by no means superficial beings, it is also true that they make up their minds about a potential mate within the first 15 minutes of getting to know them. First Impression, anybody? An online sex survey by Askmen, recently found that nearly 27 percent women, and a staggering 45 percent of…

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