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Mild Bondage: The Basics!

Mild Bondage – Explore Your Fantasies

Explore your fantasies via Bondage Sex is as good or as dreary as you make it. When things get monotonous, there's always the tendency to lose interest in them. Quite like maths in school, we weren't always fond of the subject and tried to find ways and means of avoiding it. Well, now apply this…

Julia Roberts - Sex Toys

Julia Roberts sells Sex Toys and how!

Julia Roberts plays a Home Shopping Network host in the upcoming movie Mother’s Day. On her show Ellen DeGeneres, tricked the Pretty Woman actress to sell sex toys. And we have to admit she did a super job of it, even if she did it inadvertently! ; P While selling sex toys, she was all flair and…

Kinky sex

Kinky Sex Ideas: Introduce Fun Into Your Bedroom

The minute the word 'kinky' comes up, most of us 'normal' people cringe. Yes, the images of leather bondage equipment, gimp masks, group sex and orgies are sufficient to induce nausea in the best of us. But then again, kinky sex ideas could be the only thing that can save one from the boredom that…