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How to avoid sexually transmitted diseases – STDs

How to Avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases – STDs

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are bacterial or viral infections that are spread by sexual contact and are a public health problem caused by the transmission of bacteria, viruses and other parasites. Some sexually transmitted diseases can be treated while others like HIV are incurable and can result in death. Sexually transmitted diseases caused by bacteria are treated with…


How to Have Sex – The Ultimate Beginners Guide

New to the entire sex thing yet need to flavor things up and make it significantly more fascinating than just the missionary? Follow our beginner's sex guide for learners and give them a shot. Whether you are a total novice to sex or simply need to find out how to have a mind-blowing sex later on,…

How To Have Safe Sex

The Ultimate Guide to Have Safe Sex

SEX!!! The Big S word. As exciting and thrilling as it may sound it can be intimidating as well as it does not come without its hazard like STDs, unwanted pregnancies, HIV and other sexual risks. There’s no need to be afraid of sex just follow some simple guide lines outlined for safe sex and make your sexual…