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Sexy corsets online in India

Everything you would want to Know about Corsets

A corset is a piece of clothing worn to hold and train the upper body into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes Corsets existed for centuries and were probably the first existing lingerie. Over the years corset designs have undergone several changes but the purpose of wearing it still stays the same. Corsets till date highlight the female figure and provide…

Get Hooked

Inner(wear) Secrets – Finding the Perfect Bra

Man is a social being and therefore cannot be caged. Well shouldn’t the same apply to breasts? Lol On a serious note it is a well established fact that 85% of women wear the wrong bra. Ever thought you too could be the one among the lot? Never mind. Here’s all you need to know about…

Romance Tips

Romance Tips: Keep the Zing Alive

Do you need to spice up your sex life? Sex life? What is that? I've been married for 10 plus years! If that is your answer to the question above, you need help my friend. Just because you've been married a long time, by no means does it have to mean that your sex life becomes a…