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14 Sex Facts You Won't Believe Are True

14 Sex Facts You Won’t Believe Are True

14 Crazy Sex Facts We all think we know absolutely everything there is to know about sex. But we are sadly misinformed. For instance, did you know that the inventor of Kellogg's breakfast cereal believed that corn flakes could curb your urge to masturbate? Or how about this doozie, complete sexual inactivity may lead to…

Spectacular Orgasm

Tips On How To Give Her A Spectacular Orgasm

Sex is one of the most powerful, intimate experiences a couple shares. An orgasm is the cherry atop a mutually satisfying session of coitus. Many women often complain that they’ve never truly reached an orgasm through penetrative sex. This is often times caused by a man’s selfishness in bed or simply because he doesn’t know…

Sex Positions

Bring Back The Zing: 5 Sexy Sex Positions

Here's a thought, if you went into an ice-cream parlor, say a Baskin Robbins and ordered vanilla, day in and day out, wouldn't you tire of it eventually? Truth is anything done over and over again does often become rigorous, mechanical and boring, the same is true of sex and sex positions. One of the…