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Flavoured and Colored condoms online

5 reasons Why using Flavoured Condoms is a Good Idea

Sex is a personal and intimate activity that needs to be enjoyed. Sex can be pleasurable only when there is no worry on the mind. Safe sex using condoms eliminates the fear of unwanted pregnancy and STIs/STDs and results in uninhibited pleasurable sex. Condoms should be used for all forms of sex- vaginal, anal or oral. With time…

Sex Positions

Bring Back The Zing: 5 Sexy Sex Positions

Here's a thought, if you went into an ice-cream parlor, say a Baskin Robbins and ordered vanilla, day in and day out, wouldn't you tire of it eventually? Truth is anything done over and over again does often become rigorous, mechanical and boring, the same is true of sex and sex positions. One of the…


Sex Lubricants – All you need to know!

Sex Lubricants - All you need to know! Sex Lubricants, or Sex lubes are meant to neutralize any friction arising during the act of sexual intercourse. Sex Lubricants are either water or silicone based and are available in a number of flavors and sensation (warming, cooling and tingling) variants. Before actually purchasing a sex lubricant…