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Indian woamen on sex, size and orgasm!

Indian Women on Sex, Size and Orgasm!

It’s a false notion that men need sex more than women. According to a research, a woman’s sexual motives are primarily driven by love and commitment. But latest findings reveal that women have sex for the same reasons as men – pure pleasure. In one of her articles, years ago, writer Shobha De had commented that in…

Pleasure-Ring- India

Pleasure Rings – All you need to know!

How does a Pleasure Ring work? If you’re reading this post by That's Personal now, it shows that you’re an evolved person and more importantly a well-read person. To understand Pleasure Rings or Cock rings better, we need to understand what an erection means first! When does an erection happen? An erection happens when arousal forces the…


Porn Addict’s Dishonest Confessions!

While some of us are bold enough to admit watching porn, there are others who still consider it a taboo. Seriously what’s all the ‘HUSH’ about? No one should be embarrassed to watch porn or for that matter talk about it. While it is expected out of men to declare their ardency for porn, somehow…

Turns out, when it comes to ‘Marriage’, the 20th Century brought with it a sea of change. You probably don’t realize it right now, but chances are that you are following outdated rules of marriage that are irrelevant our modern lifestyle!

5 Marriage Rules That No Longer Apply

Marriage – It is considered to be a scared institution. In fact, in India your marriage will often become your entire life, your very identity. As a woman, you will feel obligated to tend to your husband’s and children’s needs before your own, and as a man you will feel forced to work extra hard…

We are here to debunk some facts about love, romance and more. They are weird and amazing facts!

6 Hard to Believe Facts about Sex and Love

Thought that you know all there is to know about sex and love? Well, think again! While you may know the basics about ‘True Love’ and have already decoded the ‘Birds and the Bees’ story, there is a lot more to know about the many ways in which both sex and love can bring about…

Men crave romance because they have the same yearnings to connect both physically and mentally with the women they love.

6 Easy Ways To Romance A Man

When we think of ‘romance’, we conjure up a mental image of a man making all the efforts to indulge the woman he loves. Isn’t that right? Yes, a man will rarely say he wants more romance in a relationship (He will smartly find another word to express the same emotion though!) But the truth…

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