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Top condoms in India

Top 10 condoms India is buying online right now!

Condoms are a huge rage and why shouldn’t be? They offer the simplest form of contraceptives and surefire ways to prevent any kind of sexually transmitted disease. All of this at the cost of peanuts! Now picture this, the entire line of condoms at the aisle are your favorite flavors plus all are light on…

Indian woamen on sex, size and orgasm!

Indian Women on Sex, Size and Orgasm!

It’s a false notion that men need sex more than women. According to a research, a woman’s sexual motives are primarily driven by love and commitment. But latest findings reveal that women have sex for the same reasons as men – pure pleasure. In one of her articles, years ago, writer Shobha De had commented that in…


Sex in India

Did you know Maharashtra ranks number 1 in terms of sales of adult products? Did you know lubricant is the most used adult sex product in India? India Exposed unravels sex habits of Indians. Following survey shows buying habits of sex toys buying in India. Many Indians are uncomfortable buying sex toys at physical stores. But…

Sex Toy

A Sex Toy for Every Occasion

I recently met a high-flying private equity personality who is raved about on Social Media and told him that the greatest innovation shall come in the area and field of sex-tech and sex toys! He started to wonder about my mental health till I enlightened him with some unreal innovations in this field. Despite miniscule amounts of investment…

Sex life

Sex Life – How to make it more fun!

Your way to a naughty sex life! Boredom can creep into not only your everyday life but even into your sex life. Routine can get boring. The 'once-upon-a-time' exciting and thrilling sex life can now seem mundane and routine. Spice up your sex life. Make it fun!! Make your partner want you. Sex toys in India have…

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