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Top condoms in India

Top 10 condoms India is buying online right now!

Condoms are a huge rage and why shouldn’t be? They offer the simplest form of contraceptives and surefire ways to prevent any kind of sexually transmitted disease. All of this at the cost of peanuts! Now picture this, the entire line of condoms at the aisle are your favorite flavors plus all are light on…

Best Sex Positions For Deep Penetration

6 Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration

Sex is exciting and fun, however, it can also be boring and predictive. Sex can be erotic and pleasurable as long as you keep trying new things to juice up your sex life. Great sex is all about mutual satisfaction. If you wish to satisfy your partner and give the ultimate satisfaction on a bed…

Sex Toys

8 Olympics Sports That Can Enhance Your Sex Life

8 Olympics Sports That Can Enhance Your Sex Life   8 Olympic sports coupled with sex toys for men, you should try to enhance your sex life. Being average doesn’t cut it anymore. The way you perform in bed dictates your life. You need to be at your peak physical condition, and confident as hell.…

4 Sex Toys To Give You Multiple Orgasms


Today’s woman is no longer coy and shy to ask for what she wants or deserves. Masturbation is not a taboo topic anymore. She reads Fifty Shades of Grey, watches Sex and the City and she wants to enjoy multiple orgasms- with or without her partner. She’s not ashamed to please herself and doesn’t feel…

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