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How to avoid sexually transmitted diseases – STDs

How to Avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases – STDs

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are bacterial or viral infections that are spread by sexual contact and are a public health problem caused by the transmission of bacteria, viruses and other parasites. Some sexually transmitted diseases can be treated while others like HIV are incurable and can result in death. Sexually transmitted diseases caused by bacteria are treated with…

The Kiss and Break Up!

10 signs that Your Partner is being Unfaithful with You!

We have all heard about cheating partners. But how do you know if someone is cheating on you? Well we’re here so you don’t find out the hard way. Make sure that you’re something more than a role play costume or another sex accessory. Love is blind, you, don’t have to be. Look out for…

The Forbidden Fruit

Confessions Of A Male Slut – One Night Stand

The forbidden fruit. One night stand. Terms no man is unfamiliar with. Let’s be honest here, we’ve all at some point in our love lives felt an inexplicable urge to act on the attraction we’ve felt towards a woman other than our significant others. While that by no means is an affront to the nature…