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How to play with a woman's breast, how to touch and play with boobs

How to touch and play with your girl’s breasts

Getting your grip over your partner’s boobs. Now ever heard that saying “Show me how you drive and I’ll tell you who you are.” A memorable quote from the fast and furious franchise. Likewise in bed, it’s all on how you grab those assets of hers that’ll tell her how good you are in bed.…

Indian steamy sex confessions stories

Sex confessions stories- Truly Indian steamy sex confessions.

Stealing glances and nervous smiles are witnessed everywhere amidst the hustle in India. Be in metros or neighborhoods, the fire between two souls is in the air too just like love is. Taking a sizzling bold step, 2 youngsters unleash their guilty-free sessions of passion. Here we look at some Honest Indian sex confessions made…


Sensual Massage Tricks to set her in the Right Mood

A sensual massage is a great way to bond with your partner and increase the level of intimacy. It is a very personal experience and is a great way to relax and relieve stress. A sensual massage focuses on the partner’s erogenous zones to give orgasmic results. It is a highly sensual and erotic way to unwind. Massage…

Indian woamen on sex, size and orgasm!

Indian Women on Sex, Size and Orgasm!

To quote Vidya Balan from her appearance on the Koffee With Karan couch, It’s a false notion that men need sex more than women. According to a research, A woman’s sexual motives are primarily driven by love and commitment. But latest findings reveal that, Women have sex for the same reasons as men – pure pleasure. In…


Confessions of a Virgin

Confessions of a Virgin It can be groundbreaking for a girl to lose her virginity! It’s not just merely a lustful feeling, a conquest to overcome, a pinnacle to be achieved, something that is lost, given away, or in pragmatic terms the physical hymen breaking act, it’s also the emotional evolution of a girl’s sexuality,…

9 Condom Facts To Wrap Your Head Around

9 Unbelievable Yet True Condom Facts

Condoms. We've all bought one at some point in our lives, but there are some facts about condoms that seem so unreal, they couldn't possibly be true, fact is though, that they are. For instance in World War II, soldiers used to cover the barrels of their rifles with a condom to prevent water from…

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