The time I wore candy lingerie in the bed

Aleena Aug 13 2018 at 1:29 PM

Last week after having tried kinky sex for the first time using BDSM products, Tejas was so pumped up for another round of “adventure” in bed. (If missed that story, read it here)

Now he didn’t wanna just climb into bed and make love to me.

He wants to take it slow and cherish the entire process.

I must admit I am more than just happy seeing this change in him. All my fears of introducing pleasure items in bed just melted away. I was scared but thankfully I took that leap. We are growing closer while experimenting with these new stuff in our relationship.

Now coming back to the point, when I thought of trying on this particular experiment I figured out I won’t tell Tejas. I wanted to surprise him with this one.

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