Top 10 Kamasutra Sex Positions you can try tonight

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Kamasutra is an ancient book that was transcribed in India, it describes the various acts of sex and all those concerns with the pleasure of the body. The book is no work of fiction and does indeed describe the sexual processes, positions and the mechanism that was written by scholars from centuries ago. The information that is put within the book happens to be reliable and all of it is proven to work effectively.

The book not only describes things that concern with the sexual relations of the body, but it also describes the love between two individuals and how it can be expressed and how one can make love effectively by reading this book. It is not just about the pleasure of one gender, it is about the art of making love because of which not just one, but both the partners do experience an equal amount of pleasure and love if the techniques mentioned in this book are implemented appropriately. It delves the reader into new horizons and explains them the true meaning of love between a man and a woman.


As said, the book – Kamasutra, does have a variety of sexual positions that one might try while in the act of sex. Most of these sexual positions seem to be bizarre at first and difficult to engage in, so here are the top 10 positions that are known globally and are claimed to be the best sex positions that are mentioned in the book, Kamasutra.

1. Circle

This position is amongst the most commonly used sex positions throughout the world. This position also goes by the name of ‘69’. This position is about the oral sex that concerns between the two partners. In this position, oral sex is personified simply and elegantly. Whilst indulging in this position of sex, the man lies down on the bed straight and the woman lies down on the man in the opposite direction. Thereby, both the partners exposing their intimate parts near each other’s face. They may then indulge in the act of oral sex, where their tongue may do the job while their hands can be used for different purposes.

Circle Sex Positions

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2. Excavations

Even this position is usually on top of the list when it comes to the most popular sex positions that are known. This position is popularly known by the name of ‘doggy style’ these days. This is one of the most romantic and the easiest sex positions that a couple might try while opting for intercourse. In this, the sex takes place from behind i.e., the woman kneels on all fours on the bed, the man inserts his penis in the vagina of the woman from behind. This position has an advantage of deep penetration and strengthening the tremors.

Excavations Sex Positions

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3. Clip

The position Clip might go in the ‘wanna try’ list of many, especially who would want to try something romantic and intimate. This is one of the positions that might just be the definition of intimacy, passion, and romance when indulging in the act of sex. In this position, a man stands down on his knees and spreads his legs apart and keeping the feet at the back of his buttocks. The woman in this position gets herself adjusted on the penis of the man and her legs reside on the feet of the man that is behind his buttocks, her hands are straight down on the ground and the palms give the support for the position. The man holds the buttocks of the woman then begins the act.

Clip Sex Positions

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4. Cancer

This is indeed the position that is addictive for most of the couple who like kissing, in general. Your experience would be great while engaging in this position if you like kissing when in the act. This position provides a reduction in the act that ends only with the orgasm. In this position, the female has to lie on her side by exposing her vagina by spreading her legs and keeping one leg further and the other one backward. The man then inserts his penis in the vagina and the woman faces backward and the couple can easily enjoy sex while kissing during the act.

Cancer Sex Positions

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5. Cleopatra

This is one of the positions which can be regarded as the dominating positions by the woman. It is mostly about the pleasure that the woman derives from the oral sex that the man performs on her. The position begins with the woman sitting on her knees and leaning backward keeping one hand behind for the support; the male partner then kneels and leans downwards towards the vagina of the woman. The man may then perform oral sex on the intimate parts of the woman whilst keeping his hands behind the woman’s buttocks on her feet. The female partner directs the man in this position and can attain pleasure from the act that the man performs.

Cleopatra Sex Positions

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6. Soldier

As the position Cleopatra is mostly about women, this position can be claimed to be mostly centered towards men. Even this position is mainly about the act of oral sex but it is about the oral sex that a female partner performs on the man. The starting of the position is with a man lying down on his back with his legs and hands both at a relaxes position, the woman, on the other hand, lies down on her side and keeping her face near the genitals of the man. The woman uses her hand on the upper side to hold and move the shaft of the penis and performs oral sex with her mouth, the man in this position has to just relax and enjoy the act.

Soldier Sex Positions

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7. Bizet

If there is one single best sex position then that has to be determined, the position Bizet certainly has to be one of the most popular and the best sex position amongst the couples all across the globe. The bodies of both the partners come closer which keeps increasing with this position. However, this position might just be the exact definition of strength and tenderness at the same time. In this position both the partners lie down sideways, and the male partner acts behind.

Bizet Sex Positions

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8. Fall

This is one of the most engaging sex positions amongst all the rest. This position is also known as a type of the missionary position and the position is indeed a definition of sheer emotions and feelings as there is direct eye contact between the two partners whilst they are having sex. In this position, the woman lies down on her back and opens up her legs wide open and the man from the front comes closer and brings his penis near the intimate parts of the woman and the action begins, the woman twines and clutches her leg behind the man’s back and brings him closer.

Fall Sex Positions

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9. Rose

Rose can be described as the sensuous positions that exist plus, it is equally comfortable. The woman is usually the in-charge with this position and the man usually seems to like it. In this position, the male partner just simply has to lie on his back in a relaxed motion by spreading his legs a bit. The woman, on the other hand, sits on the man and takes the penis of his man inside her vagina and sits in a petal fashion on the man. The man then uplifts his a bit and enjoys the pleasure that the woman gives her slow and sensual moves on his penis. The man holds on the woman’s waist from behind, as the woman sits on the man.

Rose Sex Positions

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10. Workout

As this position sounds, it is indeed a form of a workout as the man and the woman both need to have a fit posture to indulge in this position whilst having sex. The man needs to possess a decent amount of strength for getting with this act. The entire position takes place as the man and the woman both stand while having sex. The man towards the beginning has to stand straight, then he picks the woman up from the region of her vagina, thereby bringing the intimate parts of both the partners closer. The man then lifts the woman and holds her from behind from her buttock and waist area. The woman also twines her legs from behind the man’s back. This position is very intimate and the man and the woman both face each other the entire time during the act of sex.

Workout Sex Position

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Apart from these mentioned positions, Kamasutra has several other positions that can be interesting and, one might indulge in various positions to try different things in the art of making love.

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