Top 10 sex mistakes that every woman must avoid?

Aleena Feb 20 2019 at 7:07 AM

Sex is by far the most common topic of discussion worldwide and also how the pleasure can be attained as well as given in several ways to and with the partner. And despite being one of the most discussed topics we seem to avoid making talks about it or we seem to get awkward about the fact that the talk is indeed uncomfortable. Especially in the developing and the underdeveloped countries there is a decorum and a line of control, where sex happens to fall on the other side of the line and is also considered as taboo at some places and instances.

Yet sex is something that we all indulge in at some point in time. Also, because it is pleasurable and also to reproduce. Under any case, the pleasured is attainted and given equally. But due to lack of education and lack of knowledge about the topic of sex, there are blunders that we make in the usual times. Women, in general, commit several mistakes during sex due to the lack of sexual education and proper guidance before indulging into the act for the first time. They are unaware of the facets of the act before actually indulging in it.

The blunders that happen in the act at the moment might not seem so big or serious at that moment, but only if they knew what it might be in turn and can lead to. To avoid the bliss of ignorance and to give you a few not to do things. These pro tips might help you have a broader outlook towards the problems that seem trivial at that moment and their after effects too. So, here are ten common sex mistakes made by most of the women while having sex and should be avoided.

The top 10 common sex mistakes every woman must avoid:-

1. Shaving
Liking it hairy is now a fantasy of only a handful and most of the men and the women as well prefer being well shaved in the pubes and the other areas as well. So, if such is the scenario with your partner too then hairy pubes, armpits, or body hair can be kind of a turn off for them and getting a turn off due to the body is not something that you would when you are all heated up and in the middle of the act. Shop Ladyshape Bikini Shaping Tool in just Rs.680.


2. Keeping condoms handy
Condoms are the most used and are one of the safest forms of birth control that can be opted for any point in time. Keeping condoms handy is one of the most essential things that you should look forward to. If you have a clue the way the things work out and even if you have the slightest hint of the act, then you might as well consider safety first. This does not make you desperate or slutty, but this indeed signifies that you are responsible, and you cannot rely on the guy for the safety always. If not mole, you can also carry female condoms that work in a similar way and are easily available too.

Keeping condoms handy

3. You need to act too
Whilst in the act you cannot just lie there and expect the guy to do all the work, you need to act too. That does not mean that you have to do all the work from the start till the end, doing the bit and getting the bit has done is the most essential part when it comes to foreplay as well as, the intercourse. You being a woman have more power of getting things done than the guys due to some obvious reasons. You don’t necessarily have to be dominating there but you surely can get a hold of it and can be in the driving seat for your orgasm.


4. Tell them what you want
Guys are not the nest mind readers when it comes to sex, and it is not even their fault, as every woman has a different fantasy, fetish, or technique that arouses them. And for a man to get a knack of all of that is a bit difficult. So, if you in there for attaining pleasure and enjoy then you might as well speak and let the guy know very bluntly theta what you want. Then you just have to enjoy the act with passion. Shop Edible Candy G-String Underwear for Women in just Rs.1267


5. Don’t hide your body
When it comes to sex or even the foreplay before that, there is no point in hiding your body. Only the sight of the parts of the body appeal to the partner as said by many studies and researches. If you are too shy to expose it and at once and you can take it slow with exposing it, or if you have a fetish, you can even indulge in a striptease. It is one of the best turn-ons and the best foreplay method to opt for before sex. Shop all type of sexy lingerie & dresses here.

Don’t hide your body

6. Make the first move
Making the first move is not always the job of the guys, you as women can do it too. It would not be a slap on your ego or something of that certain, but the pleasure attained by both the partners is equal and the first move should not be confined to the one partner itself. So, the next time when you feel the urge and feel naughty, just take a step ahead and make the first move, it’ll pull him down and will be the first and a new experience for you as well.

Make the first move

7. Worrying about your body
Being baffled about how your body looks like when you are naked is an obvious thing that happens with all the women out there. Even the most perfect of women, the best models, and even the best actresses, they all get conscious with their body and how it looks when there are no clothes on. But the truth is that in the first place there is not much that guys do care about, they are happy and appreciative that you are naked in the first place. The conscious behavior of yours affects the session, so the next time just don’t be concerned about it and just let go and get in. Shop

Worrying about your body

8. Not being spontaneous
This is the thing that you might be indulging in your early days, but once you grow up you tend to avoid being in the spontaneous moment for the action. That is not the same thing with the men, they get inti the moment spontaneously, and if they do not get a response from the partner, their moment of excitement dies and is hard to get that moment back. So try indulging in the act spontaneously next time and remember sex is not just for you or him, it’s for both the partners.

Not being spontaneous

9. Stop bearing
As said, sex is for both the partners and if you by any chance are not enjoying what your partner is doing, then you might as well be blunt and let him know. You can also suggest an alternative that he can opt for but being quiet is not the option.

Stop bearing

10. Avoiding oral sex
This might be a sensitive topic for many, and many women tend to avoid oral sex. But the truth is that every individual has their own sexual desire and considering that he or she might indulge in that activity. Just like most men enjoy getting involved in oral sex, while most women don’t. But refraining from it always and not talking about it is not the solution. Getting down on the table and speaking it out can be the aptest option when it comes to this topic.

Avoiding oral sex

Apart from these 10 things, there are even ample of other things that you should avoid doing. Just remember what to do when and do your homework properly, with that the bed is all yours and you can do as well as, get things done.

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