Top 5 Flavored Condoms As Per Usage

Somnath Kamble Apr 25 2016 at 11:15 AM

Flavored Condoms are the toast of the nation!

We don’t need to tell you that the land of the origin of Kamasutra is indeed very naughty. Our overtly shy nature sheds its diffident self when it enters a passion filled bedroom! It is not an opinion, not even a judgement, it is a data based inference of how Indians buy condoms online! 31% of the condoms bought on That’s Personal from Tier II cities are flavored condoms!

Strawberry – Most preferred Flavored Condom!

Strawberry is the most preferred option as far as flavored condoms are concerned. In fact, strawberry is also the preferred option when it comes to lubricants for sex! Indians seem to have a sweet penchant for this juicy fruit’s flavor when it comes to getting naughty. Over 41% of all flavored condoms purchased are strawberry flavored.

Skore-strawberry-flavored-condom Kamasutra-strawberry-flavored-condom Moods-strawberry-flavored-condom

Chocolate – Flavored Condoms that Metros in the south prefer!

While chocolate body paints dominate Indian purchases when it comes to fun stuff products, it comes a closed second for flavored condom purchases. Metros in the south like Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore prefer the chocolate flavor. Over 60% of the flavored condom purchases from the south are chocolate flavored. 23% of all flavored condoms purchased are chocolate flavored.

kamasutra-dotted-chocolate-flavoured-condoms moods-chocolate-flavored-condom

Orange – East India’s favorite flavored condom!

The eastern belt that comprises Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh, accounts for 29% of the orange flavored condom purchases in India. In general, orange flavor makes up 16% of all flavored condoms sold on the site!

Skore-orange-flavored-condoms skinless-skin-orange-flavored-condoms


Apple – Gujarat’s favorite flavored condom option!

Ahmedabad and Surat dominate the purchase of Apple flavored condoms. 78% of flavored condoms purchased from these cities are Apple flavored condoms. One feedback on the site from Surat was that we should have Apple Flavored Condoms from different brands on the site. Condom Manufacturers, are you listening? 9% of all flavored condom buyers prefer Apple as their naughty choice!



Mint & Blueberry – Women prefer flavored condoms too!

And finally, Blueberry and Mint get an honorary mention and close out our top five because they seem to be a preferred option for women between the age group of 24 – 35 years. Over 26% of all flavored condoms purchased by women in this group tend to be either mint or blueberry. Women can have a naughty taste, more than you would have ever imagined.

skinless-skin-blueberry-flavored-condoms skinless-skin-mint-flavored-condoms


India loves its erotic taste, that’s for sure. If what Indians buy as flavored condoms is anything to go by, wait for a while till we bring to you what flavored lubricants do Indians buy! Till such time, have a naughty wait and more importantly have a rocking time in your bedrooms! ;P

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