Top 7 way to delay premature ejaculation

Somnath Kamble Apr 23 2019 at 2:15 PM

When it comes to sex, it is undoubtedly the most pleasurable acts that one can indulge in and there also are a number of quandaries that are associated with it. These are for both men and women as well. In men, amongst all the other problems, there is a problem of premature ejaculation that troubles many men a lot. There are a number of men that suffer from this condition and constantly look out for solutions to get a cure for this phenomenon.

Premature ejaculation happens to be one of the most frustrating acts, as in this phenomenon, you can indulge in the foreplay and after that when you progress towards the act of intercourse, within minutes you seem to ejaculate, with no or minimal control over the ejaculation; for some men, the ejaculation occurs whilst in the act of foreplay itself.

There are a number of solutions that are available for it over the internet, basic things like lifestyle changes and dietary changes can help, but, again, these are subject to vary from person to person. Despite searching for the answer to attaining the best medicine we seem to not find one.

Here we have the five most effective and reliable ways in which you can find a way to delay premature ejaculation and can prevent it too.

  1. Start-Stop Method

This happens to be one of the simplest methods and even the most effective methods that can be opted for in order to delay premature ejaculation. Plus, this method can be done when you are with your partner or it can also be done when you are alone. There are several ways in which this method can be practiced but there is an appropriate way in which this method is supposed to be performed.

Start-Stop Method

To begin with, you have to stimulate the penis by engaging in the act of pleasure and you have to get ahead with stimulating it even further, but just when you feel you are about to ejaculate, take a sudden pause and stop the action for about two seconds, you may start again when you feel you have regained control over the ejaculation process. You have to engage in this process repeatedly for about 5 to 6 times before you feel you have cannot control it any further. With this process, you even get to know your no-return point i.e. the point beyond which you cannot control your orgasm.

Indulging in this process and repeatedly taking a pause between the act can be irritating as well as, frustrating for both the partners. Doing it deftly and engaging in some other act of foreplay can be done instead of just pausing whilst in the act, this will even intensify the passion and indulgence in the act.

  1. Squeeze Method

Even this is claimed to be one of the most effective methods and is one of the most widely used methods as a solution to premature ejaculation. In this method, you have to begin the act of pleasure normally and stimulate the penis to get forward towards the act, but when you feel you are about to ejaculate beyond a point, you have to squeeze the area between the glans and the shafts. Due to the pressure in the middle area of the penis, the ejaculation is stopped for the time being, but if you press it too harshly or apply too much pressure, then this might definitely affect your erection.

Squeeze Method

For this technique to work effectively, you might squeeze the penis softly so that it does not hinder with the erection. You may have to repeat the process around 5 to 6 times before ejaculating finally, with that you can even know your no-return point i.e. the point beyond which you cannot actually control your orgasm. Once you actually know this point, you can actually delay your further ejaculations. This can be more irritating and frustrating for both the partners and can get annoying beyond a point.

  1. Longer Foreplay

This is by far the simplest method and also is it quite effective and there is no doubt of attaining pleasure through the foreplay act. But foreplay is not just an act but is indeed a form of art, in which the proper points and the regions of pleasures need to be identified. Once they are identified and you have mastered the art of foreplay, then you have nothing to worry about regarding your premature ejaculation. As foreplay happens to be one of the most pleasurable acts in the entire process of copulation.

Longer Foreplay

To indulge in this process, you may begin with the act of foreplay, after which you may proceed to the further action and stimulate the penis. After this, as you go further to point where you feel you are about to get an orgasm you can take a pause and indulge back in the act of foreplay to lengthen and delay the process. With this there even is no question of irritation or frustration as even while lengthening the process there is a pleasure that is attained. There are several couples that use this method just to increase the pleasure and not to delay premature ejaculation.

  1. Delay Creams

There are a number of external products such as delay creams that are very effective in delaying premature ejaculation. They fall under the category of herbal as well as, non-verbal. There are some very useful long-time creams also available that are very effective to control premature ejaculation.

Delay Creams

  1. Topical Creams

There are a number of topical long-time creams that happen to possess a number of agents that are proven to reduce the sensation and they elongate and delay the process of climax, which in turn controls premature ejaculation. This ointment is supposed to be applied to the region of the penis about 15 to 20 minutes before the process of ejaculation for the optimum results. From the usage, people all across the globe have claimed that the process of ejaculation can be delayed by a couple of minutes after the usage of these creams. Some of the delay creams can also mild pain, burning sensation, and even temporary loss of sensitivity.

Topical Creams

  1. Delay Spray

Just like the ointments and the creams, there also are delay sprays that work in a similar fashion. One of such sprays is the Lidocaine spray that can help to elongate and delay the process of ejaculation by a couple of minutes. The spray is supposed to be used about 10 to 15 minutes prior to the act of copulation. It is supposed to be sprayed on the area of the penis which gives remarkable effects.

Delay Spray

  1. Climax Control Condoms

This might sound a bit vague, but such a thing does exist in reality. There are indeed specifically designed condoms that help in elongating the climax. These condoms are supposed to be used just like conventional condoms, just that the content used in making these is different. The material of these condoms the latex used to make these condoms is usually thicker than the normal latex condoms. Plus, they even contain a liquid that numbs the penis for a while, thereby delaying the ejaculation process.

Climax Control Condoms

If you are looking for a wide range of climax delay products, then you need not to look beyond Here you can check out a huge range of highly effective climax delay products that will significantly enhance the pleasure you experience between the sheets with your partner.

You can also get results with basic changes in your diet and lifestyle. There are also specific exercises for this condition that are proven to be equally effective. If you feel none of the above-mentioned methods seems to work for you, you might as well visit a physician for the same.

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