Top 8 Condom Brands in India & Price (2019)

Somnath Kamble Apr 10 2019 at 2:06 PM

Condoms are like the most essential part when it comes to having protected sex, but there always some nitty-gritties when it comes to buying condoms or looking for condoms. We always tend to avoid this topic of condoms and treated it as some sort of taboo and avoid talking and researching about it. Since that is the scenario, ignorance comes into existence with the topic of condoms, at least in India, and seldom do we know something about condoms.

Condoms actually are available in the different price range, brands, flavors, feel, and quality, but we do not have the appropriate knowledge about it due to lack of sex education. There are some condoms that offer a variety of flavors, almost like a dessert range. Some condoms are extremely thin of added pleasure. Some come with an extra pattern of dots, while some are available in distinct shades. Some are lubricated, some are extra lubricated, whereas, some do not have any lubrication at all.

The best condom does not always mean the bestselling condom, as even the cheapest condom might be the best selling one in a country like India, the best condom actually depends on the quality of the latex that actually ensures birth control, which is its prime purpose over the feel.

For imparting information, here are some of the top condom brands along with and condom price.

  1. Durex

Durex is one of the topmost and premium condom brands in India. Durex offers a variety of condoms to choose from and caters to the needs of the customers. With optimum satisfaction, variety, and apropos price, Durex has proven to be a trusted and a reliable condom brand in the country till date. The condom variants that the company has to offer are abundant and one can choose one as per their needs and their pleasure. The company also offers special gift packs for men as well as, women, that comprises of 30 condoms and costs about 400 INR but is totally worth the pleasure. The bestselling product of the company is Durex air and a packet of 3 costs about 40 INR.

Durex Brand

  1. Trojan

When it comes to a unique variety of condoms, hardly someone can compete with this brand. Trojan happens to be the top brands in India and has a range of its own where it offers distinct condoms that not many other companies offer. The company has the option of a large size condom that falls under the name of Trojan Magnum. The classic variant of the brand by the name, Trojan ENZ comes with a reservoir tip. The other variants like Trojan Ecstasy and Trojan Bare skin are the ultra-ribbed and ultra-thin variants respectively. The most popular product of the company in the country is the Ice and Fire, which gives an extra bit of pleasure when used during the intercourse. A pack of 10 condoms of the Ice and Fire variant costs about 995 but is totally worth the price.

Trojan Brand

  1. KamaSutra

KamaSutra happens to be the second largest condom brand in the country and is a joint venture of the Raymond Group and JK Ansell Limited. True to its name, these condoms do offer an added bit of pleasure with the products that they have to offer. If you have a knack for flavored condoms and do like to experiment with the flavors, then KamaSutra might just be the brand for you. They offer some unique flavors like Grapes, Banana, Coffee Cappuccino, Butterscotch, and Rum & Raisins, unlike many others. The most and renowned product of the company is the KamaSutra Orgasmax, it is is the combination of four types of condoms into one. It is dotted, ribbed, has climax delay, and are contoured. It costs about 170 INR for a 10 pack of the KamaSutra Orgasmax.

Kamasutra Brand

  1. Moods

This condom brand is an undertaking by the Government of India by the name HLL lifecare limited. Since it’s an initiative by the government, it gives the condoms at a pretty nominal price and also has a high-quality latex to ensure that it fulfils the primary purpose of the birth control. But despite covering the basic aspects, the company does not compromise at all for the other pleasures, it also has variants of dotted, ultra-thin, climax delay, ribbed, flavored, and many more. The basic and the popular product of the company Moods dotted is priced at 70 INR for a pack of 12.

Moods Brand

  1. Skyn

This itself is a brand of the KamaSutra but are the non-latex variants of the condoms. They are claimed to be ultra-soft and are said to give an actual skin like feel that resembles its name. They are made from the Skyn feel and are very premium and possess the strength of a latex condom and the feel of an ultra-thin condom. They also have several variants like Skyn Intense feel that has a wave design and an extra number of dots, Skyn extra lubricated, that has a very smooth lubricant and are said to be 40% more lasting than the normal condoms, Skyn Elite is an ultra-thin and ultra-soft variant of the condom. The most basic and the widely known product Skyn classic is a non-latex skin-feel condom that costs about 55 INR for a pack of 3.

Skyn Brand

  1. Manforce

One of the top-selling condoms in India, it is a venture of the Mankind group. The condoms of the Manforce company are known for their extra lubrication and an ultra-sensual experience. The condoms of Manforce come in a number of variants like dotted, ribbed, flavored, sensual, and extra lubricated. The condoms come in a number of flavors too. The best-selling variant of the company is the Manforce Staylong Orange condoms which are an ultra-thin latex condom, that is orange flavored and a pack of 3 costs around 55 INR.

Manforce Brand

  1. Skore

When it comes to the best-flavored condoms in the country, Skore definitely seems to top the charts and undoubtedly has optimum customer satisfaction. They have the conventional and the easily available flavors like Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla, plus, they even have exotic and tropical flavors like Pina Colada and Cherry. Along with being the best-flavored condoms, they even are the oldest and the most trusted condom brand in the country. They also have a number of variants in their condoms, with extra dots. The Cherry flavored condoms happen to be the best-selling latex condoms of the company and are priced at 35 INR for a pack of 3 condoms.

Skore Brand

  1. Kohinoor

This is a sub-brand of the mother brand Durex. They are manufactured by TTK PDL who also the manufacturers of the Skore condoms. These condoms are specially crafted for India. They are known for their unconventional flavors, which are not really unconventional but are designed by keeping the Indian taste and market into consideration. The most known flavors of this condom brand are Kala-Khatta and Meetha Paan. The most popular Kohinoor condom in India in the Meetha Paan variant, which has a taste like the actual substance and also emits a fragrance like one and a pack of 10 costs around 72 INR.

Kohinoor Brand

Apart from these, there also are a number of other condom brands that are imported and cater to different needs of sexual pleasure. And there is not one particular condom brand that happens to be the best, each brand of condom happens to be good in its own manner.

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