Top affordable sex lubricants in India under Rs.500!

Aleena Dec 15 2017 at 1:41 PM

Sex lubricants – Your Liquid Gold

We aren’t just saying it…..Hear us out.

According to the Bollywood flicks we have grown up watching, each of our leads are pro at their first time and their silky satin sheets are a testament to their silky smooth lovemaking.

We feel terrible breaking this to you but they have fooled you and us big time guys!

Big big big time!

Sex can be get extremely awkward and uncomfortable especially for the first timers.

Imagine, rough private parts creating friction while making love……erect, hard penis sliding in dry, creaky vagina struggling to get in…..the pain vaginal walls go through….sounds scary right?

That’s exactly what happens when you don’t use a personal lubricant gel for sex..

Its surprising how only few people think about using a lube and actually know the benefits of personal sex lubricants.

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